Andis 17150 Nipper Review – Andis Profoil Lithium

Andis the build is good known for lineament electrical shavers together with trimmers. The Andis ProFoil lithium 17150 is 1 of the most advanced together with pop shaver models past times Andis. If you lot accept sensitive skin together with confront razor give the sack nevertheless at nowadays alongside your regular shaver or electrical shaver, you lot tin build a assay the ANDIS pro-foil shaver. This shaver is peculiarly pop for comfortable shaves. Here I volition assay to furnish you lot all information virtually the ANDIS 17150 pro-foil electrical shaver.

Let’s cheque is it perfect for your peel or not?


About ANDIS Company

The ANDIS Company started inward 1922 together with it has a long history.

In 1922 the ANDIS Company manufactured hair clippers together with at nowadays they are nevertheless manufacturing shavers together with selling their products inward almost xc countries.

The ANDIS 17150 pro-foil electrical shaver is built alongside low-cal together with compact design.

For that, it is tardily to send this shaver alongside you lot on the travel.

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What is inward the Box???

  • The Andis Profoil lithium shaver itself
  • Power cord
  • Little cleaning brush
  • User manual


Andis 17150 inward Brief

  • This Andis foil shaver volition furnish the perfect finishing fades together with take stubble real closely.
  • The Hypo-allergenic foil volition foreclose your peel from peel irritations.
  • This shaving machine is powered past times lithium-ion battery which volition furnish lxxx minutes of running juice alongside per hr of charge.
  • The user tin role this shaver cordless/corded, hence never accept to halt shaving.
  • It volition furnish the best shaving surgery inward dry out pilus together with face.
  • The blade needs to stone oil afterward every use.
  • Full 1-year warranty.

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Battery Life of Andis ProFoil Lithium

This Andis 17150 pro-foil electrical shaver is powered past times lithium-ion battery.

This battery volition deliver lxxx minutes of non-stop running fourth dimension per hr of charge.

Charge the shaver for two hours when you lot volition accuse the shaver for the 1st time.

It volition furnish you the maximum performance.

And hold out sure enough the shaver is turned off when you lot volition connect it alongside the electrical outlet.

#Advantages of lithium-ion battery-

  • Lithium-ion batteries are made alongside high liberate energy density.
  • It does non quest prolonged priming when it is new, the regular accuse is enough.
  • Comparatively depression self-discharge than nickel-based batteries.
  • The battery cells peculiarly tin give high electrical flow to applications such equally a ability tool.
  • It does non quest high maintenance.

NOTE: never roll the ability cord some the shaver.

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Built Quality

Andis the build is good known for lineament electrical shavers together with trimmers Andis 17150 Shaver Review – Andis Profoil Lithium

The ANDIS pro-foil shaver is engineered alongside a real lightweight together with compact design.

The shaver dimensions are – 3 x five x 8 inches, amount weight is 3.2 ounces only.

This shaver is almost looking similar the Wahl professional person 5-star series.

Both are a rectangular shape.

BODY of the ANDIS 17150 is 4.75’’, 0.2ibs, grayness polymer.

The dual gilded foil is located inward the top of the shaver head.

The foil is hypo-allergenic which volition foreclose the peel from all kinds of peel irritations.

The foil assembly is located nether the foil.

The on/off push is situated inward the middle of the shaver grip together with it is reddish color.

In the middle correct side of the handle, you lot tin regard the assembly lock button.

This ANDIS pro-foil electrical shaver is designed alongside a light-green low-cal charging indicator.

The ability socket is located at the bottom of the shaver.

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The manufacturer warrants 1 yr for this Andis 17150 pro-foil shaver.

This warranty volition encompass against the defective materials or workmanship inside 1 yr from the buy appointment together with the manufacturer volition repair or supercede your production without whatever charge.

This warranty volition non encompass if your production harm for lack of reasonable care, misuse/abuse, together with accident.


Who Should Buy This Shaver?

1st of all, this shaver is non for moisture use.

If you lot accept hence much sensitive skin/ if you lot are non comfortable alongside the dry out shave/if you lot cannot shave without shaving gel, foal, soap, lubricate, hence I remember this shaver volition non hence skilful for you.

But this shaver is perfect for traveling together with the shaving surgery is highly good. The battery life is hence long.

The individual who similar to move or similar to accept quick dry out shaves, this shaver would hold out a bully compilation for him.

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Instructions for Shaving

  • Keep the shaver ever dry out together with clean.
  • Before operating the shaver take the protective cap.
  • Before using the shaver, cheque the foil together with cutters. If they stay damaged or broken don’t operate the shaver.
  • Be sure enough the battery is non discharged.
  • Wash together with dry out your peel together with beard thoroughly earlier operating it.
  • Now plow the shaver ON.
  • Move the shaver gently against the bearded grain. Don’t press the shaver equally good difficult over the skin.
  • Hold the shaver 90-degree angle to your face.
  • To larn the closest shave, avoid the unessential wearable on the foils, hold out sure enough the dual foils contact the peel together at all times. If you lot concur the shaver where alone 1 foil tin contact alongside skin, that volition campaign displace of the foil together with it may resultant peel irritations.


Use the Shaver Cordless/Corded

The shaver is engineered alongside both for cordless together with corded use. So don’t worry virtually charging.

#Corded use-

  • If the shaver is running alongside corded, the light-green charging indicator low-cal remains off.
  • The indicator low-cal also remains off although the battery is fully discharged.
  • The shaver volition non accuse when you lot volition role this shaver corded.

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Cleaning together with Maintenance

Proper cleaning together with maintenance volition furnish the user maximum comfort together with razor give the sack gratis shaving performance.

Before cleaning the shaver, the user has to take the foil caput together with cutter bar assembly 1st.

And removing these parts is real easy.

#Removing together with cleaning organisation of foil caput –

  • To take the foil assembly you lot accept to press the circular assembly lock which is situated on the correct side of this shaving machine.
  • Now elevator the foil assembly from the shaver caput together with concur it nether running H2O for tardily cleaning.
  • After cleaning permit it dry out together with house it 1 time to a greater extent than on the cutter bar. Be careful virtually the foils.

NOTE: stone oil the foil afterward every build clean together with earlier a use, to larn maximum comfort.  

#Removing together with cleaning organisation of the cutter bar

  • Grasp the cutter bar on both sides together with trace it up.
  • After removing, gently brush it to take the loose pilus together with debris.
  • After thoroughly brushing, concur it nether hot running water.
  • Now wipe the cutter bar alongside a cloth/tissue carefully, non to harm it.
  • Now supercede it on the shaver head.

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Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended that, when the cutter together with the foil of this ANDIS Profoil Lithium shaver larn dull, the user accept to supercede it.

They did non furnish an exact fourth dimension menstruum to replacement this item.

The replacement volition depend on the shaving surgery of the shaver.

Replacement foil together with cutter bar – 17155

Only the foil – 17160

Replacement parts are available inward the ANDIS Authorized service stations similar Amazon.



  • The Lithium ion battery delivers upward to lxxx minutes of running fourth dimension inward amount speed.
  • Affordable cost range.
  • Comes alongside amount 12 months of warranty.
  • Perfect for finishing the fades.
  • The compact size together with low-cal weight larn inward tardily to concur the shaver for long time.

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  • This shaver is alone for dry out skin. The user cannot role this shaver inward moisture peel alongside shaving gel, foam, lather etc.
  • The indicator low-cal sometimes does misbehave.
  • If you lot accept long beard together with mustache, 1st trim them earlier shaving. Otherwise, the shaver volition trace them.
  • It is louder than expected.



To minimize the hazard of electrical stupor –

  • Don’t house the shaver where the direct chances of falling the shaver accidentally.
  • Don’t accuse the shaver beside the skin/ bathroom tab.
  • Always take the ability cord straightaway afterward fully accuse the battery.
  • Don’t accuse the shaver over.
  • Unplug the shaver earlier cleaning, removing the shaver foil.



To cut down the hazard of peel burn, electrical stupor –

  • Close supervision is essential when you lot volition apply this shaver on close children or invalids.
  • Use the shaver alone the intended role equally described inward the user manual.
  • Never connect the ability cord alongside the electrical outlet alongside a damaged cord.
  • Never operate the shaver if the foil remains damaged/broken.
  • Keep the shaver together with the ability cord away from the heated surface.
  • Don’t operate the shaver where the aerosol (spray) products are existence used.

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Wahl 5-Star Shaver VS ANDIS Pro-foil shaver.

I accept already provided all the information virtually the ANDIS pro-foil shaver.

Wahl together with Andis are almost the same lineament shaver.

But Wahl is most favorite together with well-known shaver Brand than Andis.


Battery life

The Wahl five star shaver is powered past times NI-CAD battery which provides xc minutes of running fourth dimension per hr of charge.

Before 1st use, you lot accept to accuse the shaver almost 9.5 hours.

The ANDIS pro-foil shaver is powered past times lithium-ion battery.

Charging fourth dimension is 1 hr together with operating fourth dimension is lxxx minutes. Before 1st role its quest to accuse for 2 hours.


Body equally good equally Material

Both shavers are a rectangular shape.

The Wahl five star shaver comes alongside gilded hypoallergenic foil for maximum peel comfort.

And the ANDIS comes alongside titanium gilded foil to cut down the peel irritations.


Shaving Performance

Both the ANDIS together with the Wahl are skilled inward this matter.

But the Wahl is skilful for extremely sensitive peel than this pro-foil shaver.



The Wahl professional person five star shaver comes alongside a amount 2-year warranty together with lx days satisfactory trial.

The Andis Profoil Lithium comes alongside alone a 1-year warranty together with at that topographic point is no service for a gratis trial.

View Full Review Of Wahl five Star Shaver Finale


There is no shaver Brand who tin furnish the customers a perfect shaver.

I would recommend you lot this production if you lot desire a unopen together with irritation gratis shaving experience.

I remember you lot should assay it if the shaver meets your budget. Almost 61% customers provided this shaver five star rating.

I don’t accept whatever objection virtually the shaving surgery of it.

The customers who provided the negative reviews, maximum are against the defective stuff of this shaver.

The shaver is real lightweight together with sturdy.

So, it is real tardily to grip together with send alongside you lot inward whatever place.

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