Braun 7880Cc Electrical Modest Fry Review – Braun Serial Seven 7880Cc

Braun is good known worldwide create in addition to their Series vii describe of piece of work electrical razors made Braun fifty-fifty to a greater extent than famous.  In recent years the Braun serial vii shavers stimulate got been the most pop inward terms of popularity in addition to user base. And the Braun 7880cc is a pop model of serial 7. The Braun Series vii 7880cc tyke comes amongst an attractive look, a novel cleaning station.

Before you lot pass your hard earned money, you lot must know how good this tyke genuinely shaves in addition to whether in that location are whatsoever alternative expert shavers or whatsoever other production you lot tin purchase amend at the same price.

We volition endeavour to elaborate on the Braun serial vii 7880cc tyke inward this review in addition to indicate out the expert in addition to bad aspects of it.


What is inward the Box?

Braun is good known worldwide create in addition to their Series  Braun 7880cc Electric Shaver Review – Braun Series vii 7880cc

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You volition abide by the next items inward the bundle of Braun serial vii 7880cc:

  • The Braun 7800cc electrical shaver
  • Automatic clean&charge station
  • A fiddling cleaning brush
  • Cleaning cartridge
  • A high character go case
  • Charging cord
  • User’s manual

All the items await in addition to experience premium.


Efficient withal Gentle

The Braun 7880cc electrical tyke has been engineered amongst ane pare guard in addition to 3 cutting elements for a closed in addition to gentle shave.

They go together to comfortably capture maximum pilus inward ane stroke what other create inward 2 (previous Braun generations).


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Reduces Rubbing for Maximum Comfort

The Braun serial vii 7880cc is designed amongst simplicity. And the tyke has been built inward sonic applied scientific discipline which delivers 10,000 micro noise inward a 2d to bring down rubbing on your confront for a gentle shave.


Built-in Responsive Intelligence

Built-in responsive tidings automatically adapts to the features of your confront intelligently in addition to delivers a closed in addition to gentle shave.

This characteristic is for reading your beard to define the proper amount of ability needed, piece the specialized caput adapts to your confront to render a shave every bit unique every bit you lot are.


Precise inward Hard-to-reach Areas

The Braun 7880cc razor’s skin-friendly 8-D flex caput adapts to your skin’s contours to attain in addition to capture although you lot stimulate got a dense in addition to coarse beard.


Choose Your Power

Braun designed their Series vii shavers amongst special ability changing modes.

The Braun 7880cc comes amongst 5 personalized shaving modes.

The options allow you lot to switch betwixt a gentler to a to a greater extent than powerful shave according to your personal pare type in addition to shaving style.

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Precision Trimmer

There is a skin-friendly precision trimmer inward Braun Series vii 7880cc tyke which helps you lot to attain hard areas easily similar nether the olfactory organ in addition to sideburns.

The trimmer allows you lot premium detailing in addition to shaping styles.


Wet in addition to Dry Razor

Braun is good known worldwide create in addition to their Series  Braun 7880cc Electric Shaver Review – Braun Series vii 7880cc

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The Braun Series vii 7880cc tin live used inward a moisture in addition to dry out way.

So for a quick shave, you lot tin role it dry out in addition to for a to a greater extent than fresh in addition to comfortable shave, you lot tin role it moisture amongst shaving cream, gel, foam or liquid soap.

I personally prefer moisture shaving to dry out shaving but when I used this Braun 7880cc tyke I didn’t experience whatsoever departure inward final result betwixt dry out shaving in addition to moisture shaving.

Before I shave, I role a pre-shave lotion in addition to it genuinely helps me larn a amend shave higher upwards the upper lip.

If your beard is coarse, I recommend you lot to role a pre-shave in addition to stick to shaving dry.


Built Quality

The Braun 7880cc has been designed amongst the glossy dark in addition to silvery color.

This tyke is made exclusively out of plastic but it doesn’t await inexpensive at all. It is made of high character plastic in addition to it looks real sturdy.

The torso of Braun 7880cc is thick but it is lightweight in addition to good balanced.

The generous rubberized cloth on the dorsum in addition to sides gives an fantabulous suitcase fifty-fifty when your hands are wet. So, it’s gamble free.

The tyke caput pivots easily in addition to the cassette snaps just into place.

There is a pop-up-trimmer on the front end of the tyke in addition to the slider that deploys this trimmer.

The ON/OFF buttons alter the speed.

There is a recessed clit for resetting the notification for charging the shaving caput in addition to it is situated inward the correct below where the Braun logo is.

The prophylactic surface is highly grippy every bit good every bit stretch on the sides all the way toward the shaver’s front.

The tyke tin live charged in addition to cleaned according to the hygiene status.

A caput locking switch is situated on the correct side of the shaving unit of measurement in addition to the caput release clit is situated on the left side.

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Battery Life

The Braun 7880cc tyke is powered yesteryear lithium-ion battery in addition to this rechargeable battery provides almost 50 minutes worth shaving time. In my experience, the battery life is lovely in addition to it performed outstanding.

The battery takes an threescore minutes to live fully charged.

There are 2 ways to accuse – 1. through the cleaning station

  1. by plugging

The Braun Series vii 7880cc tyke has 5-minutes extraordinary quick accuse alternative and provides the battery plenty juice for the morn shave.


LED Display

There is an LED display inward the Braun 7880cc tyke which volition ever present you lot almost the battery status.

There are iv charging indicators – 1. Full battery

  1. 50% charge
  2. Low battery and
  3. Battery charging.


The cherry-red depression battery indicator will starting fourth dimension blinking when you lot tin only shave 2 to 3 times amongst it.

When the tyke is beingness charged the corresponding green charging low-cal will blink throughout the entire physical care for in addition to later on completely charged, all the light-green lights volition shine continuously every bit good every bit later on some fourth dimension it volition plow off.

The replacement caput indicator is situated inward the center of the display in addition to that volition low-cal upwards every eighteen months.

Anyway, in that location is no retentiveness effect. LI-Ion battery is the most powerful in addition to long-lasting battery in addition to it has a depression self-discharge charge per unit of measurement than Ni-MH batteries.

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Precisely, when you lot volition lock the shaver’s caput inward a fixed seat in addition to and hence if you lot endeavour to displace it yesteryear applying to a greater extent than force, the locking machinery would only snap in addition to you lot can’t lock the shaving caput inward whatsoever way.

So, that agency you lot can’t forcefulness the shaving caput when it is inward locked position.

And in that location is some other potential problem, despite the role of exceptional pigment that should resist the constant exposure to the alcohol-based cleaning fluid, the pigment correct below tin spark in addition to fighting inward time.

I can’ say if this occupation has been fixed amongst this Braun 7880cc but you lot may stimulate got to role it for at to the lowest degree a few months or a few years to resolve the issue.

The impairment is only visual, it won’t touching the shaver’s surgical physical care for in addition to give thank you lot the real enterprise in addition to sturdy construction.


Shaving Performance

Braun is good known worldwide create in addition to their Series  Braun 7880cc Electric Shaver Review – Braun Series vii 7880cc

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The closeness that I larn from the Braun 7880cc is plenty for me in addition to I am genuinely satisfied amongst the result.

But if you lot compare amongst the Braun Series 9 or Panasonic Arc5, the closeness is non every bit expert every bit them.

But I am genuinely pleased amongst how the Braun 7880cc stays inward contact amongst skin, peculiarly inward the cervix in addition to jawline.


The Braun Series vii 7880cc is ane of the most comfortable tyke in addition to much amend for the sensitive skin.

My pare is sensitive in addition to used it dry out without whatsoever pare irritations.

The foils never larn hot in addition to never push clit hair. After the shave, I never experienced whatsoever razor give the axe or issues.

Overall, the Braun 7880cc is impressively expert at giving a comfortable shave.

In the Case of Flat-laying, Long Hairs:

Shaving brusk stubble is basically non a occupation for an electrical shaver.

But longer hairs that tend to prevarication apartment on the pare or wiry, stray hairs pose a challenge to most, peculiarly to foil-based shavers.

But luckily, this tyke is surprisingly expert inward such a status in addition to I stimulate got tried to role it inward dissimilar conditions.


Cleaning in addition to Maintenance

The manufacturer recommended that cleaning the tyke amongst a Clean & accuse station is 10 times to a greater extent than hygienic than cleaning it nether the running tap.

The biggest payoff of this tyke is only yesteryear a unmarried touching you lot clean, charge, lubricate in addition to dry out your tyke automatically.

All the cleaning instructions are clearly provided inward the user’s manual, hence you lot won’t stimulate got whatsoever worry almost cleaning.

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Question About Cleaning in addition to Maintenance:

Q: Can You Use Any Other Cleaning Center?

No, you lot stimulate got to role only the create clean & accuse station which comes amongst this model in addition to fifty-fifty you lot can’t role the previous model’s cleaning center.

Q: How Often You Need to Exchange the Cleaning Center Refill Cartridge?

If you lot create clean the tyke amongst the create clean & accuse station twice a week, in addition to hence you lot stimulate got to supervene upon the refill it later on 2 to 3 months.


Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended that the users stimulate got to supervene upon the cutter parts every eighteen months.

There is a replacement business office indicator inward the display which volition present you lot when to telephone commutation the cutter parts.

By replacing at the correct fourth dimension you lot volition larn an optimal shaving performance.

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  • Provides a comfortable in addition to gentle shave.
  • Much amend for sensitive skin.
  • Very expert build character in addition to fantabulous battery life.
  • Delivers closed shaves.
  • Automatic create clean & accuse station.
  • Great surgical physical care for on longer facial pilus in addition to coarse beards.
  • It tin live used both moisture in addition to dry.
  • Waterproof.

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  • Expensive
  • Hair trimmer is non much better
  • Manually cleaning is difficult.



Hold the tyke amongst your pare at a xc flat angle. Keep the push clit per unit of measurement area fifty-fifty for a comfortable shave.Considering all the features in addition to specifications, nosotros tin non blame it anyway in addition to the consumer’s reaction too gives the same feedback. It could live your smart companion for instant closed in addition to comfortable shaving. I tin non say it is the best since in that location are to a greater extent than advanced electrical shavers yesteryear Braun in addition to Panasonic similar Series ix and Arc 5. But inward its level, it is pretty satisfactory in addition to cost worthy. According to the customer’s emotion in addition to popularity, The Braun 7880cc tin trounce the to a greater extent than advanced shavers. Now it’s your selection to create a determination if it is expert for you lot or postulate to a greater extent than advanced shaver.

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What are the Difference betwixt Foil in addition to Rotary Shavers???

  • A foil caput contains Oscilliating Blades (blades displace dorsum in addition to forth) in addition to give perfect command in addition to precision.
  • A Rotary Shaver’s caput has tree discs in addition to these three discs spin some incredibly to cutting your beard.
  • A foil electrical tyke will live much smoother in addition to closer in addition to protect the pare from irritation.