Braun 7893S Electrical Modest Review – Braun Serial Seven 7893S

The Braun 7893s is a newer update electrical fry from Braun Series vii in addition to it doesn’t come upward amongst cleaning in addition to charging station. You know Braun Series vii is the most pop electrical fry serial on the marketplace but the older models of the serial 7(Braun 790cc) don’t characteristic wet/dry shaving facility. That’s why the Braun Series vii 7893s may live a cracking production to make customer’s satisfaction total filling all the premium facilities except automatic cleaning in addition to charging. So, let’s banking concern check if the features in addition to specifications stand upward for your desired shaving demand in addition to it becomes your selection.

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What is inward the Box?

  • Braun 7893s electrical fry itself
  • A sturdy move case
  • Little cleaning brush
  • AC adapter
  • User manual

There is no “cleaning station’’ amongst this model but other models of serial vii 7865cc in addition to 7899cc come upward amongst a cleaning in addition to charging dock.


4 Cutting Elements

The Braun 7893s electrical fry has a specialized disclose of elements inward fry caput (3 cutting elements in addition to 1 pare guard).

That elements operate together to capture to a greater extent than hairs inward 1 stroke in addition to deliver a thorough build clean outcome what others exercise inward two.


Intelligent Sonic in addition to Autosense Technology

Like other Series vii shavers, the Braun 7893s too comes amongst intelligent sonic technology scientific discipline which produces 10,000 micro-vibrations. T

The 10,000 micro–vibrations in addition to the responsive autosense motor automatically adjust to the features of your confront in addition to capture to a greater extent than pilus inward every stroke, fifty-fifty on dense beards.

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8-D Contour Adaptation

The fundamental characteristic of Braun serial vii is 8 direction flexible caput in addition to floating shaving elements.

The ultra flexible shaving caput is able to grip the problematic areas of the mentum in addition to upper neck.

It is really mutual inward the lower character shavers to instruct nicks in addition to cuts inward these areas, but you lot exclusively discover the gentle hum of the motor – no nicks, cuts or scratches amongst the Braun Series vii 7893s shaver.


5 Turbo/ Sensitive Modes

Different pare types of unlike people amongst unlike pilus growing out of it.

Managing to pattern a device that industrial plant as good on all kinds of faces is a really demanding task.

But Braun Series vii 7893 has five personalized shaving modes allow you lot to adjust the ability to your personal pare type in addition to shaving style.


Wet in addition to Dry

The Braun Series vii 7893s is a smart electrical fry designed to shave dry out or amongst water, foam, gel in addition to inward the shower for a refreshing smoothen pare experience.

This characteristic makes the model to a greater extent than advanced than the older ones.

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Braun 7893s electrical fry is 100% waterproof upward to five meters.

So, you lot tin easily build clean your fry amongst running H2O in addition to no harm is probable to live caused past times water.


Precision Shaving Head

The precision shaving caput delivers efficient shave inward every stroke in addition to each of the 3 shaving heads tin pin left in addition to right.

This allows you lot to make whatever hard areas in addition to rest inward contact amongst your skin.

To supply a closed shave the pivoting caput in addition to block operate together.

There is a caput lock switch to lock the fry caput into a unmarried position.


Pop-up Trimmer

The Braun Series vii shavers come upward amongst a pop-up trimmer for the basic trimming of sideburns in addition to stubborn flat-lying hairs in addition to it does no harm the skin.

At the offset of your shave, cut down those stubborn hairs that prevarication apartment against your neck.

But it is non a consummate trimming solution – you lot can’t exercise it for your facial pilus downward to stubble or to exercise fine detailing work.

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Battery life in addition to charging

All the serial vii electrical shavers are powered past times lithium-ion battery.

And a lithium-ion battery tin deliver their total rated capacity, fifty-fifty at high currents.

The Braun 7893s is non unlike in addition to the lithium-ion battery of Braun Series vii 7893s delivers 50minues of running juice (cordless) and takes close an hr to live fully charged.

When you lot accuse the fry amongst of course of report you lot receive got to exercise the included special cord.

There is a premium display which indicates the remaining battery amongst 3 unlike steps –

Charging lights:

  • When the fry is beingness charged or turned on, the light-green charging lite blinks in addition to exhibit the accuse condition of the battery.
  • After fully charging the battery, all the lights shine constantly.
  • After completing the charging, the fry switches to the stand-by-mode: the display switches off.

Low accuse light:

  • The cerise low-charge lite flashes when the battery is running depression in addition to hence you lot tin shave 2 to 3 times amongst that footling accuse in addition to you lot demand to recharge the device.

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Built Quality

Built character is 1 of the most of import matters to reckon piece buying an electrical shaver.

The total torso of Braun 7893s is made amongst metallic in addition to high-quality chrome plastic.

The Braun serial vii 7893 electrical fry is dominated by a dark safe and the safe makes the fry slowly to grasp when your mitt is covered inward shaving foam or wet.

Just below the ability button, in that location are two silvery semi-circles marked amongst a ‘’+’’ in addition to ‘’-minus’’ for unlike speed settings from sensitive to intensive.

Further downward the handle, only below the Braun logo, there is a small footling indentation, it is the reset button.

After xviii months of use, ‘’change fry head’’ logo volition look on the indicator screen.

The circle LCD enshroud is placed at the base of operations of the fry body.

A pop-up-trimmer is for goatee, mustache or sideburns.

The horizontal pattern makes it easier to run across the surface area you lot are shaving but the trimmer’s performance is non similar the professional trimmers.

There is no cleaning station amongst this package. So you lot receive got to build clean it manually.

The fry caput is made upward of three private parts and they receive got unlike names.

#Active elevator trimmer:

this role is for lifting in addition to cutting the apartment laying hairs in addition to this role is placed inward the middle of the 3 parts.


the ii outer foil guards supply you lot a closed in addition to comfortable shave.


The manufacturer has deliberately made The Braun 7893s fry without move lock.

So, it volition live a footling risky to send it piece traveling because all of a abrupt the ability push clit tin live turned ON.

It volition non live a employment if you lot send the fry carefully.

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My Shaving Experience

Undoubtedly, this fry is 1 of the best choices for a closed shave in addition to it too depends on the experience of shaving well.

After the shaving, it does non instruct out rash sensation on my skin.

For the foremost time, the fry did non make satisfactory results inward some areas similar – my nether the breast in addition to roughly the pharynx is painful.

But afterwards getting used to the shaver, I exercise non experience that employment at all.

After a long fourth dimension shaving, the foils instruct a footling hot but it does non thing to me.

Without micro-vibration I could non experience whatever divergence inward shaving performance betwixt Braun Series vii in addition to Braun serial 5.

Overall, the shaving performance is non much improve piece comparison amongst upper qualities similar Series 9.

But as a middle-range shaver, it delivers premium shaves amongst pare comfort.


 Cleaning in addition to Maintenance

Proper cleaning in addition to maintenance volition decease along your fry working for a long time. Since the fry does non come upward amongst cleaning dock, nosotros demand to build clean it manually.

Manual cleaning is non tough as the fry is 100% waterproof. Let’s know how to build clean the Braun serial vii 7893s electrical fry easily in addition to quickly.

  1. 1stly, turn on the fry in addition to rinse the fry caput nether running hot H2O to take away the pilus in addition to dead pare cells from the shaver.
  2. Hold the fry nether the running H2O unlit all residues in addition to foam removes.
  3. For the sake of hygiene, you lot tin exercise liquid soap.
  4. Let the fry run for a few to a greater extent than seconds in addition to adjacent switch off the shaver. And hence take away the foil & cutter cassette pressing the release button.
  5. Let the foil in addition to cutter cassette dry.
  6. You cannot exercise the fry until it dries fully.
  7. If you lot regularly build clean the fry nether running water, hence in 1 trial a calendar week you lot receive got to apply a drib of lite machine crude (not included) on go on of the Foil & cuter cassette in addition to the pop upward trimmer for improve performance.

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Replacement Part

There is a replacement symbol on the shaver’s display.

When the replacement symbol lights up, hence you lot receive got to supervene upon the Foil & cutter cassette in addition to this symbol volition remind you lot during the adjacent vii shaves to supervene upon the Foil & cutter cassette.

The foil & cutter cassette demand to live replaced afterwards xviii months in addition to replacing at the correct fourth dimension volition give you lot 100% satisfactory shaving performance.



I foremost mentioned that it is a mid-range electrical fry amongst sturdy built quality.

The built character of Braun is amazing but the performance is non comparable amongst the premium shavers similar Panasonic arc5, Braun Series 9 or Philips Norelco 9700.

In its toll range, the Braun 7893s must live the best electrical fry in addition to reasonable solution.

Even many users are really pleased amongst this Braun serial vii 7893, moreover, such a high score (4.3 out of 5) would non receive got been possible if non proficient inward quality.

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  • Provide powerful, closed shave
  • Wet/dry shaver
  • The LED display is really helpful for banking concern check the battery status, specially for the depression accuse state.
  • 100% waterproof
  • Logical price.
  • Powerful motor.
  • The pivoting caput tin easily follow every contour of face.



  • Although the manufacturer claims that the pop-up trimmer is much better, but I did non instruct whatever proficient experience amongst it.
  • Replacement is flake costly.
  • No cleaning dock
  • No move lock

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