Braun Bt5070 Beard Trimmer Review

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst time, fashion is changing. Maximum men are carrying a bearded as well as fossil oil aspect which is extremely common. But I am non talking virtually your beard is ringing equally it should. I am talking virtually a construct clean bearded human face upward including trimmed sideburns as well as mustache. You tin larn a perfect bearded aspect from a professional person hairdresser or from a high character beard trimmer. Since nosotros are talking virtually a high character beard trimmer, why don’t nosotros utter virtually ‘’Braun’’. Braun is 1 of the most famous names inward the globe of manlike someone preparation products as well as it is widely known for their make of electrical shavers. Their electrical preparation products is known to infuse a residual of efficiency, innovation, as well as durability on each of its products as well as for that lately I bought a novel beard trimmer from them, it is BT5070 beard trimmer.

I volition essay to give data virtually this production inward a much larger range, what are the pros as well as cons of it as well as what things I similar as well as what I make non like.


What is inward the Box???

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

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Of course, if I start telling you lot virtually this product, you lot would 1st think what accessories you lot would larn amongst this package. Let’s know.

  • The Trimmer itself
  • Two trimming combs
  • Small cleaning brush
  • A picayune lubricant oil bottle
  • A soft go pouch
  • AC adapter
  • User manual


Ultra Sharp Blades

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

The blades of Braun beard trimmer 5070 are engineered to terminal the lifetime of the trimmer as well as these ultra precipitous blades are made of premium character stainless steel.

They desire to brand certain that they offering flawless trimming results through the lifespan of this trimmer.

The blades tin effortlessly glide over the peel as well as cutting through long or thick pilus without whatever pulling or tugging.

The lifetime lasting precipitous blades render high functioning for special as well as styling every time.


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Precision Dial for Complete Control

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

There are 25 length settings for perfect bring down every fourth dimension as well as the precision dial component to just select the size of the cut.

Whether you lot would similar to plow over designer stubble or bring down your total beard, the 2 detachable trimming combs give the flexibility you lot demand as well as placement inward a rattling convenient seat as well as it is highly intuitive.

The precision comb (1-10mm) amongst 0.5mm increment steps gives you lot the ultimate precision to larn your perfect look.

The long beard comb (10mm – 20mm) is for maintaining your long beard style.


Slide-up Detail Trimmer

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

The Braun bt5070 Bread trimmer also features a slide-out trimmer for slow as well as efficient styling of your beard as well as mustache.

While the beard trimmer does a lovesome undertaking of trimming whatever length of hair, mustaches equally good equally sideburns requirement finer detailing to larn the perfect look.

This special trimmer is to brand certain that you lot larn construct clean as well as precise outputs every unmarried time.


Precision Comb

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

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There is a precision comb to style your beard. There are 10 dissimilar length settings inward the credential – it starts from 1mm to 10mm. Behind the attachment, in that location is a dial that allows you lot to alter the length.

  • Make certain the appliance is turned off as well as forthwith house the precision comb on it.
  • After placing the comb, house the lock switch upper position.
  • Now select the length of your choice.
  • After selecting the length, trace the lock switch downwards.
  • Now the length selector is fixed as well as and then start you lot work.
  • Turn the appliance ON.
  • Hold the appliance amongst the angled border against your beard equally good guide it against the pilus growth.
  • Clean thoroughly later each occupation to larn optimal results.


Long Hair Comb

This attachment is for your pilus as well as long beards – possible length settings 10 – 20mm inward 2mm incremental steps.

Now you lot don’t get got to larn to the salon to larn a haircut or long beard styles.

  • It must live clean, dry out as well as rust gratis earlier the haircut.
  • Turn off the trimmer as well as house the pilus comb on it.
  • Press the length sector as well as slide the comb to your expected length.
  • If you lot desire a haircut less than 10mm but you lot get got longer hairs, you lot must showtime occupation a pilus comb as well as and then you lot tin occupation the beard comb.
  • Use a dull as well as controlled drive as well as delight don’t forcefulness the trimmer through the pilus faster than it tin cut.


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Fully Washable

The trimmer Braun bt5070 is 100% washable including all the attachments.

Since this Braun BT5070 beard trimmer is 100% waterproof, cleaning is thence slow as well as fast. After a trimming, only concord the trimmer nether running water.

This characteristic also agency you lot tin occupation this trimmer nether the shower or bathtub.


Rechargeable Battery

The Braun BT 5070 beard trimmer is powered past times a rechargeable Ni-MH battery that takes 1 hr to larn fully charged.

After a consummate charge, this battery volition render constant mightiness upward to 50 minutes of cordless performance.


Cordless as well as Corded Operation

A construct clean shave gives you lot a swell aspect but amongst fourth dimension Braun BT5070 Beard Trimmer Review

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We all know the bad feeling when the battery accuse runs out inward the middle of the shave. To larn rid of this condition, Braun offered both corded as well as cordless functions of the Braun BT 5070 trimmer.

So, in that location is no obligation to transcend on your trimmer charged earlier using it. You tin occupation it anywhere at whatever time, fifty-fifty if in that location is no accuse on the battery.


Cleaning as well as Maintenance

Buying a beard trimmer or whatever electrical preparation tools commonly depends on using it as well as whether it is slow to clean.

‘’Braun’’ produces products inward a way that is rattling slow to hold as well as highly user – friendly.

The Braun BT 5070 Beard trimmer is fully washable. Simply concord the trimmer nether running H2O for slow as well as fast cleaning.

There is also a modest cleaning brush amongst this package. You tin occupation it to completely cleanse as well as take residual pilus from the inside.

The manufacturer recommended that the user get got to construct clean the trimmer later each use. Use lubricant oil on the blades side past times side to construct clean every fourth dimension to larn improve result.

Since the blades of the Braun bt5070 trimmer is stainless steel, these volition non easily fade or corrode.

If you lot occupation the lubricant oil later every cleaning, in that location volition non get got whatever possibility of existence destroyed.

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2 Year Warranty

Braun gives warranty to live gratis of defects inward cloth as well as workmanship for the Braun bt5070 trimmer for upward to 2 years from the twenty-four hr menses of purchase.

Within 2 years, if the appliance exhibits such a defect, Braun will, at its options either repair or supervene upon it for the consumer without whatever charge.

This warranty does non comprehend if your trimmer damages resulting from accident/misuse/ abuse/dirt/tempering/ unreasonable occupation or if you lot can’t make the maintenance properly.


60 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

The manufacturer claims that in 1 lawsuit using this trimmer, a consumer volition sure as shooting appreciate its performance.

They are asked to occupation the production at to the lowest degree 2 to 3 weeks later purchase.

If the users are non happy amongst the performance, contact as well as inquire them to render the product.

But you lot must pay dorsum within sixty days including master cash receipt, product, as well as all production parts as well as box.

Note:  Your production volition non live refunded if it damages past times accident, fail or incorrect use.

Your production must live shipped to the master packaging amongst the master sales slip.

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A skillful character beard trimmer volition get got only about qualities through which it volition get got away your mind. Braun is a Brand that is conterminous amongst quality.

Braun BT5070 beard trimmer is a perfect combination of stability equally good equally proficiency to brand certain that your trimming method is hassle-free as well as the outputs are highly fascinating every unmarried fourth dimension throughout the lifespan of this product.

If nosotros utter virtually the cost of the Braun BT 5070 trimmer, I would similar to state you lot would larn a high character production at a reasonable cost from the globe renowned Braun.

If you lot are someone who is aware of the aspect as well as looking for a skillful character beard trimmer this Braun BT 5070 volition definitely value your money.

One affair to transcend on inward heed is that no Brand tin make the flawless as well as most perfect product.



  • Detachable precision combs amongst 25 dissimilar trimming lengths.
  • User friendly precision dial.
  • Engineered amongst high-quality stainless steel blades.
  • Quality special trimmer for shaping the sideburns equally good equally mustache.
  • Great battery.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Cordless as well as corded.
  • sixty Days coin dorsum guarantee.

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  • Some users state that the precision comb pulls hairs sometimes.
  • Built character could live improve (remember the affordable cost range).