Braun Bt5090 Precision Beard Trimmer Review

Some people similar a create clean shave as well as some similar a fashionable await of his facial hair. When it comes to trimming as well as shaping the beard inwards unlike lengths for a unlike style, at that spot is a quest for a lineament beard trimmer. In the marketplace of variety, at that spot are lots of beard trimmer brands as well as products. But all are non as reliable as well as trustable. And at that spot are actually some trusted brands as well as products on the market. Braun BT5090 is i of them. The Braun BT 5090 volition render yous a precise cut down for unlike facial pilus styles. This trimmer could live your groovy training companion for a long time.


What is inwards the Box???

Some people similar a create clean shave as well as some similar a fashionable await of his facial pilus Braun BT5090 Precision Beard Trimmer Review

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  • The Braun BT5090 beard trimmer
  • 1 beard trimmer comb
  • 1 pilus clipping comb
  • A go pouch
  • A footling cleaning brush
  • 1 rounded cleaning stand
  • Appliance oil
  • AC adapter

Like the other Braun’s products, yous volition larn a user’s manual amongst this package.

All the using information yous volition notice inwards it.

The Braun BT5090 volition give yous lx days risk-free trial.

Generally, Braun provides this chance inwards their shavers.

But yous volition larn it amongst this packet too.

If yous don’t notice it satisfactory for whatever argue later buying, yous tin forcefulness out render it within lx days.

And Braun volition render yous the total coin back.

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Braun BT5090 inwards Brief

  • 2 click as well as lock trimming combs volition create precise trimming.
  • The lock trimming combs volition render yous 25 precise settings.
  • The Braun BT5090 is fully washable as well as really piece of cake to clean.
  • Slide as well as mode organization of the trimmer volition permit yous mode your beard amongst a uncomplicated slide.

 #Precision comb – 1mm to 10mm amongst 0.5 steps.

#Long beard comb – 10mm to 20mm amongst 2mm steps.

  • Dual battery organization – the dual battery organization volition go along trimming ability constant.
  • The battery volition render yous 40min of running fourth dimension yesteryear 1 hr of charge. There is also a quick accuse selection – v mo accuse for 1 trim.
  • Only for cordless use.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee.

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Built Quality of Braun BT5090

Some people similar a create clean shave as well as some similar a fashionable await of his facial pilus Braun BT5090 Precision Beard Trimmer Review

The Braun bt5090 is i of the best dainty looking beard trimmers inwards its range.

The argent as well as the Black combination makes it noticeable.

Don’t live foolish to regard its shiny metallic element exterior because, also the blades, it is made amongst plastic as well as rubber.

These elements forbid your trimmer from accidentally slipping from your hand.

The trunk of the trimmer is fingerprints as well as watermarks resistant.

You volition also regard a particular trimmer on the front end side of BT5090.

It is attached to it. The Braun named this trimmer “slide as well as mode system’’.

Open this trimmer is hence easy. There is a footling oval-shaped clit inwards the middle.

To opened upwardly the detail trimmer press the clit downward amongst your thumb.

The particular trimmer is for a  more precise cut down similar your mustaches, sideburns, as well as goatees.

When yous volition opened upwardly the particular trimmer, it volition live situated on the principal trimmer as well as lock into place.

Releasing the particular trimmer is really piece of cake as well as enjoyable but it is quite jerky hence it needs to live pushed into position.

Just underneath of the particular trimmer, yous tin forcefulness out regard at that spot is a battery indicator. This indicator volition flash according to accuse – green or red.

This is the charging department hence I volition line this farther downward the review.

The charging socket is situated at the bottom of the trimmer.

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Now, let’s verbalise most the dorsum side of Braun BT 5090.

Some people similar a create clean shave as well as some similar a fashionable await of his facial pilus Braun BT5090 Precision Beard Trimmer Review

The dorsum is covered amongst a clammy dark rubber. Your fingers volition naturally jibe inwards the asset house of the trimmer.

This prophylactic pocket volition forbid your trimmer from the precipitous skid of manus during use.

But at that spot is a work amongst the clammy prophylactic pocket that it volition live easily attracted yesteryear dust as well as dirt.

The ability clit is situated on the dorsum side of the Braun bt5090.

Generally, nosotros tin forcefulness out regard it on the front end side to other trimmers.

It has a quite unlike as well as interesting design.

When yous volition press the ability clit it makes a footling sound.

This could live a downside or not.

The trimmer blades volition live rest abrupt (Braun BT 5090) at their whole life – (Braun is talking most the trimmer’s life, non our life).

The battery of the trimmer is non replaceable.

When the battery became damaged or deteriorates later a yr as well as hence yous guide maintain to supersede the whole unit.

I don’t guide maintain whatever objection most the blades.

It is plenty abrupt as well as able to cutting all types of pilus thoroughly.

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Combs of Braun BT5090

This packet comes amongst two additional combs.

One is for the to a greater extent than precise beard cut down as well as some other is for the haircut

On either side of the trimmer head, yous tin forcefulness out regard at that spot are two slots to attach the combs.

#The Precision Comb

Some people similar a create clean shave as well as some similar a fashionable await of his facial pilus Braun BT5090 Precision Beard Trimmer Review

This comb is for beard trimming. If yous prefer a to a greater extent than footling length beard (neat as well as tidy), this attachment is for you.

You tin forcefulness out regard at that spot is a dial inwards the dorsum side of the comb which volition allow yous to heighten the gap betwixt the comb as well as the blades yesteryear a precise measuring amongst each turn.

Bothersome, or non depending on where yous are situated inwards the world, Braun has approved the metric organization to decide the length mentioned.

Every release on the dial ads an additional 0.5mm to the gap betwixt the comb as well as blades upwardly to maximum 10mm.

The lowest setting is 1mm – this setting provides yous three days stubble await as well as the highest setting is 10mm for some much-needed shape for a bushy beard.

Just inwards a higher house the dial, yous tin forcefulness out regard at that spot is a grayness switch. This switch is to lock the dial into your preferred position.

The precision comb is good made as well as it is sturdy.

The teeth of the comb practise non plough as well as flex too much inwards the highest setting although it is a mutual work of plastic combs.

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#Hair Comb

The Braun BT5090 comes amongst a pilus comb.

Generally, this comb is to shave your hair.

It is longer than precision comb but it is a miserable lineament comb if yous compare it amongst the precision comb.

The built lineament of this attachment is really worse as well as it is really clear-cut that the manufacturer uses really miserable lineament plastic for its construction.

The comb’s teeth curvature as well as flex when I apply it on my long hair.

This comb fix is extended from 10mm to 20mm inwards increments of 2mm.

The metering sector is solely seen on the right-hand side of the trimmer.

That agency if yous grab the trimmer inwards your correct hand, yous volition guide maintain to beastly rotate the trimmer to persuasion which length is selected.

It is clearly seen when yous held it on your left hand.

When yous volition cutting your caput pilus it won’t live an enjoyable experience.

The motor of Braun BT5090 volition seem to contend if yous guide maintain thick hair.

But this comb industrial plant meliorate on the children’s pilus than the adults.

If yous are searching for a pilus clipper I volition recommend yous to purchase a pilus clipper separately as well as skipping the Braun BT5090.

It is proficient for facial hair.

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Battery Life as well as Charging

1st I desire to verbalise most the charging system. There are 2 systems of charging –

  1. You tin forcefulness out accuse it straight yesteryear the charger or
  2. You tin forcefulness out accuse it through the stand upwardly of the trimmer

The Braun BT 5090 comes amongst an air-conditioning adapter. The adapter’s cable is half-dozen foot.

The charger tin forcefulness out conform to multi-voltage that is for universal purpose (100 volt – 240 volt).

When yous accuse the trimmer, the battery indicator low-cal volition flash green.

The battery volition render yous 40min operating fourth dimension yesteryear 1 hour of charge.

Before the battery dies the indicator volition render yous a signal.

The indicator low-cal volition flash red. There is also a quick accuse option. 5 min quick give plenty juice for 1 trim.

The trimmer is for cordless use.


Performance of Braun BT5090 Trimmer

I guide maintain tried this trimmer inwards a few unlike types of men’s hair.

The trimmer is really lightweight solely – 1.8 pound. Fingers tin forcefulness out fairly roll approximately the grip as well as the prophylactic pocket assistance to go along a theatre grasp.

When yous volition press the ability clit for turning on, it volition create a loud humming sound.

If the audio is hardly loud, it tin forcefulness out wake a low-cal sleeper.

The blades gave me a satisfactory performance; it is able to cutting my beard thoroughly.

But when I applied it inwards thick as well as bushy beards, it takes 2nd passes inwards the going over an surface area as good as I had to run it slowly. Quick run causes of missed hairs.

Without the guard, the blade cutting mustache to the curt stubble.

You should live to a greater extent than careful when yous cutting approximately the neck, specially below the chin, approximately the jawline as well as line tightly your pare during cut down those areas.

Otherwise, the blades powerfulness nick the skin.

I got the most comfortable sense when I covered the Braun BT5090 amongst the precision comb.

Performance wise I volition give four out of v stars.

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Cleaning Method

You guide maintain to create clean this trimmer manually.

You volition larn a footling cleaning brush amongst it; nosotros quest the brush for piece of cake cleaning method.

1st take away the precision comb if it attached amongst the trimmer body.

Removing is really piece of cake simply press correct as well as left side clit as well as switch it out of the position.

Now create clean the comb yesteryear rotating the brush within as well as exterior of this device.

You guide maintain to wipe out every pilus of it.

Now it is fourth dimension to create clean the Braun BT 5090 beard trimmer yesteryear using the Brush. 1st, switch off the trimmer as well as brush exterior of the machine.

Then opened upwardly the correct terminal yesteryear pressing amongst the thumb.

Now, purpose the brush for cleaning the trimmer caput as well as the infinite behind the trimmer inside.

The housing is hence piece of cake to wipe out extracting all of the hair.

After brush, switch the trimmer caput off pressing it dorsum inwards position. Your trimmer is create for adjacent fourth dimension use.

This is the dry out version.

You guide maintain to practise this later every use.

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Final Thought

I ever similar to endeavor something new. That’s why I bought the Braun BT 5090.

The Braun BT 5090 is a suitable beard trimmer as well as it tried to render some to a greater extent than chance similar – the precision comb, pilus clipper.

There are some trusted beard trimmers inwards the marketplace as well as the Braun BT 5090 is i of them.

It volition render yous plenty satisfactory work.

And the most surprisingly affair is, Braun offers lx days risk-free lawsuit for this trimmer. So I scream upwardly yous should endeavor it.

If the cost did non encounter your budget yous tin forcefulness out regard some other Model of Braun similar – Braun BT 5050.


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