Braun Mgk3040 Trimmer Or Multigrooming Kit Review

The Braun MGK3040 is a preparation kit, designed for whatever type of pilus – facial hair, stubble, amount beard, goatee, mustache, body, in addition to head. It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os structure.

Currently, at that topographic point are many products designed for pilus trimming in addition to they are specially for men’s preparation needs. Panasonic, Phillips in addition to High German giant Braun has a lot of reputation for making these products. And they are far ahead of others inwards making these products.

Braun is good known for their high lineament products in addition to gives plenty value for money

Their MGK serial – men’s preparation kit is characteristic of diverse unlike models in addition to The MGK3040 is mid-level one.

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What is inwards the Box???

After unboxing the package, you lot volition live surprised to encounter the materials come upward alongside it. There are –

  • Braun MGK 3040 trimmer handle
  • Beard comb 3-11mm
  • Beard comb xiii – 21mm
  • Fixed combs – 1mm in addition to 2mm
  • Precision trimmer
  • A petty cleaning brush
  • A smart plug
  • Gillette trunk razor
  • User manual


Features in addition to Specifications

All inwards 1 Grooming Kit

 It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os construction Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review

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You know MGK agency “Multi Grooming Kit”.

So, the Braun MGK3040 is a multi preparation kit for men.

It comes alongside all the features in addition to facilities to solve your whatever form of pilus preparation project easily.

The Braun mgk3040 has plenty attachments inwards the packet to groom your caput to toe hairs inwards unlike await in addition to length.

There are 4 attachment combs, 2 trimmer head, in addition to a Gillette trunk razor alongside the packet for all inwards 1 preparation solution.


Beard Trimming

 It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os construction Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review

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The primary project of the Braun mgk3040 is behavior trimming.

There are 4 combs that come upward alongside this packet for xiii precision pilus length settings (0.5- 21mm).

There is every bit good a precision trimmer for your stubble, short, medium or long beards.

These attachments volition assist you lot to receive got a precision beard vogue by yourself.


Hair Clipping

 It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os construction Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review


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The 2 long combs are specially designed for pilus clipping.

These attachments volition assist you lot to cutting your pilus for whatever desired length (0.5 to 21mm).

You tin give the axe brand your ain haircut with the device in addition to brand unlike lengths alongside the attachment combs.


Precision Trimming

There is a precision trimmer caput inwards the Braun MGK 3040 multigrooming kit package.

The caput is really useful to brand precision trimming in addition to detailing.


For Body Grooming

 It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os construction Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review


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There is a free Gillette Body razor with this package. It securely in addition to correctly maintains all areas of your trunk alongside amount command – inwards the underarms, groin areas in addition to your breast in addition to abs.


100% Washable

This Braun MGK3040 is 100% washable. So at that topographic point is no adventure of H2O causing problems.


Long Life Sharp Blade

The MGK 3040 is engineered alongside ultra abrupt stainless steel blades in addition to render pulling or tugging costless cut.

It tin give the axe perfectly handgrip the thick in addition to long hairs.

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Rechargeable Battery

The Braun MGK3040 is powered past times lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

One amount accuse gives sixty minutes of running juice.

And it volition give equal surgical procedure until the battery ability completely gone.


LED Display

On the handgrip of MGK 3040, at that topographic point is a smart LED display.

The LED display volition ever demonstrate you lot nearly battery status.

So, at that topographic point volition live no fright of abrupt battery ability running out.


Cordless in addition to Corded

The Braun MGK3040 trimmer is designed for role inwards both ways – cordless in addition to corded.

So at that topographic point is no demand to worry nearly battery power.

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Battery Life

This Braun MGK3040 is powered past times lithium-ion battery.

The battery takes almost 8 hours to live fully charged in addition to provides sixty minutes of running fourth dimension (cordless).

There is an LED display that provides battery condition when the battery is completely charged, the indicator turns off.

Important: never wind the cord roughly the charger in addition to entirely role the cord which came alongside this package.


Built Quality

The production is really good packaged. The Multi-grooming kit MGK 3040 comes inwards glossy dark finish.

It feels rigid in addition to well-built when you lot agree it. The MGK3040 dimensions: 2.2 x 6.1 x 8.7 inches. It volition easily friction match inwards your grasp every bit it is good balanced.

There are 4 combs for xiii precision pilus lengths settings from 0.5 to 21mm. these combs are made of enterprise plastic.

There is an LED battery indicator at the middle of the shaver.

The blades are really intelligent to cutting smoothly every bit they are made alongside high-quality stainless steel.

The internal motor runs inwards the same way piece the battery indicates really brusque remaining.

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First of all, you lot must plough off your appliance earlier exchanging the attachments. Attachment changing is in addition to hence easy.

  • Turn off your appliance.
  • Place 1 of the attachments over the trimmer head.
  • Select your desired length.
  • Now root your work.
  • For an optimal result, trim back against your pilus growth.


Performance of Braun MGK3040

 It helps to exercise unlike looks in addition to seat on os construction Braun MGK3040 Trimmer or Multigrooming Kit Review

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First of all, I wishing to utter nearly the motor, it is pretty strong. It plant evenly on thick in addition to sparse hair.

The precision trimmer in addition to long beard comb exercise a wonderful job. The precision trimmer plant evenly on the pilus in addition to beard.

The fixed combs (1mm in addition to 2mm) is in addition to hence expert when you lot demand to accomplish the best or the desired performance.

The Gillette guard Body razor which comes alongside Braun MGK3040 tin give the axe follow every contour of the body.

So you lot are fully secured no affair which part you lot run it pass.


Cleaning in addition to maintenance

Since the tyke is 100% washable, cleaning is really easy.

  • Turn off your appliance.
  • Take off the tyke caput or if at that topographic point is an attachment.
  • Then brush the combs, head, in addition to appliances.
  • Then agree the parts nether the running water.
  • Let them dry out completely earlier reset.
  • For ameliorate performance, stone oil the blades afterward each cleaning.


2 Years Warranty

The manufacturer warrants 2 years for their Braun MGK 3040 trimmer.

If your production faces whatever mechanical work inside 2 years, they volition repair it without charge.

But they volition non live responsible if your production damages for your fault or misconduct.

And the papers that came alongside the production must live good preserved.

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60 Day Free Trial!

If you lot are non satisfied alongside the performance, you lot tin give the axe render it inside sixty days of purchase.

The manufacturer recommended using it regularly for 2 to iii weeks.

However, if you lot are non satisfied alongside the performance, you lot tin give the axe contact the primary part in addition to render the product.

Important: If your production damages afterward unpacking or your papers are lost (money receipt, product, in addition to all the parts, box), this production volition non live refunded.


Who is it for?

This Braun multi-grooming kit MGK 3040 comes alongside vii attachments in addition to at a competitive price. So, it is difficult to honour somebody who won’t live attracted to it.

This preparation kit is designed for all your preparation needs- for clipping your hair, trimming your beard, mustache, in addition to sideburns. And at that topographic point is every bit good a Gillette trunk razor for trunk hair.

Cleaning in addition to maintenance is really slow because it is 100% waterproof. The self sharpening precision blades render a comfortable in addition to satisfactory trimming without whatever lubrication.

This device is suitable for those men who demand to groom his whole trunk pilus but exercise non demand build clean facial pilus shaves.

To receive got build clean shaves of your beard alongside amount of comfort, you lot ameliorate select an electric shaver.

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  • Lot of attachments.
  • Cordless in addition to Corded
  • 100% washable.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • xiii length settings.
  • The precision trimmer plant really well.
  • Free Gillette guard Body razor.
  • sixty days costless satisfactory case in addition to 2 years warranty.



  • There is no storage bag.
  • 8 hours charging time.

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What is the Different Between Multi Grooming Kit in addition to Shaver???

There are many people who exercise non know the obvious deviation betwixt Multi-Groom kits in addition to the shavers, but they are few inwards number.


Multi-groom kits

Now many companies are making multi-groom kits. These products commonly receive got changeable heads.

Changeable caput agency past times replacing heads you lot tin give the axe role it multiple areas.

Generally, a multi-groom kit comes alongside a lot of attachment (it depends on model) similar – trimmer, shaver, precision trimmer, nose/ear trimmer.

This is a really useful production because hither you lot volition instruct everything to groom.

You don’t demand to purchase unlike products for unlike parts of the body.



Shaver is a specific appliance that is used simply for your face. The blades or foil of a tyke is round.

After a long fourth dimension of use, the pare gets hardened because shavers contact straight alongside the skin.

A tyke provides a build clean in addition to shine await on your human face upward but through a trimmer it is impossible.

You tin give the axe role a tyke moisture or dry out in addition to for a comfortable shave, you lot tin give the axe add together shaving cream, gel, foam or soap.

Now you lot determine which is best for you.