Braun Serial Nine 9290Cc Electrical Tike Review – The Best Electrical Razor

Braun is a famous name, equally far equally manly individual preparation is concerned. This build has many serial of electrical shavers. Recently they updated their serial nine amongst a novel model Braun Series nine 9290cc. The tyke is Braun’s latest tyke amongst foil technology. They also included just about adorable features together with offers, which robust the tyke performance. Read this review fully, together with I am certain yous volition detect your all information which tin give the sack assist yous create upward one’s heed if this tyke perfect for you?

What is inward the Box???

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

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Let’s receive got a look, what form of things comes inward the box.

#Instruction Manual

The kickoff thing is the teaching manual. The teaching manual is non exclusively confusingly fix out, it is requiring yous to constantly refer dorsum to the diagrams which are at the front end of the manual.

There are no words, just exclusively pictures.

But still, at that topographic point is something useful inward this teaching manual. There is a render cast yous volition postulate for the 60-day guarantee.

If yous detect this tyke is non perfect for whatever reason, yous tin give the sack render it to Braun for your coin back.

#Travel Case

The locomote instance comes amongst Braun’s 9290cc made amongst imitation leather. The leather is used on the exterior of the case. This locomote pouch has just about air vent to build the tyke dry.

You tin give the sack dearest it, or loathe it, it’s all inward your mood.

To conk along to dry out the tyke when yous stored it is the thought behind the air vent. So, if your tyke is moisture when storing, don’t worry.

There is aught to worry well-nigh mold or mildew growth. So, yous tin give the sack give thank yous this air vent.

If yous desire to know the downside, the vent provides dirt, dust.

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#Cleaning Brush

There is a cleaning brush within the box to a greater extent than than your pollex inward size. It is just similar a niggling to a greater extent than than guitar pick amongst bristles.

#Cleaning Dock

This is a really of import device inward the box. The size of the cleaning dock is thence goodness that it tin give the sack sit down atop of your bath countertop, together with automatically it tin give the sack accuse together with build clean your shaver.

If yous are familiar amongst the cleaning dock, yous in all likelihood recognize it from Braun’s Series 5. They are almost similar to look.

#Cleaning Cartridge

Obviously, yous know that what comes next, if yous receive got an electrical tyke together with its cleaning organization industrial plant amongst a cleaning dock. It needs the cleaning cartridge.

The cleaning cartridge is a solution that the dock uses to build clean the shaver.

There is a affair to bring upward that the cleaning solution within the cartridge is totally alcohol based.

A hazardous essence classified this. This is for whatever character past times all major delivery services.

This actually affects exclusively the international orders. There yous volition receive got to pay a small-scale payment for a handling fee of unsafe materials.

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#Charging Cord

Now, comes the fourth dimension for the charging cord. Braun makes an strange conclusion for this.

They decided to give an adapter amongst the corded coil. Actually, the cord is similar the former telephone line.

You may similar the cord, but at that topographic point is a problem. This is actually really short. Even, when yous stretched it fully, it volition non similar whatever other brand. So, this is a affair of a headache.

#The Shaver 9290cc Itself

The concluding thing of the box is the tyke itself.

When yous facial expression at this, the kickoff thing volition attract yous just similar how shiny it is.  The Braun together with Panasonic used chrome polished to their exceed shavers.

The Braun serial nine 9290cc is Braun’s ane of the exceed shavers together with this model also has the polish.

Braun launched the Series nine inward 2015 together with it is becoming pop really fast.

They launched it including to a greater extent than ability together with to a greater extent than cutting elements together with also amongst a novel design. So, Braun serial nine is their most advanced together with most expensive electrical tyke yet.

When it’s ane yr when its introduction has been created, Braun over again revamped their entire Series nine.

There they created just about changes within the series. The foremost necessary modification could live a novel tyke amongst a novel shaving caput together with a moisture & dry out department for all the novel shavers.

To live the purpose of the novel generation, the Braun Series nine 9290cc comes inward a really attractive silverish color treatment. An automatic Clean & Charge station is included inward it.

From my expertise, the tyke attracts everything. As if they’re sort of a neon sign, the fingerprints, the watermarks together with cutting hairs all foursquare mensurate shows up.

And amongst the Series 9, there’s no different at all.

This model goes to live ane inward every of the most effective marketing Series nine shavers.

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The Braun serial nine 9290 create upward one’s heed loads of technologies together with options. Let’s receive got a glance at that.

Compact together with Stylish Look

This tyke comes for yous amongst a compact facial expression together with also live stylish. Its size together with shape is really comfortable amongst your grip.

You tin give the sack easily correspond it within a wardrobe or a locomote pouch easily. Its trunk is dark together with silverish metallic together with its weight is exclusively 2.08 pounds.

The companionship is making certain that yous receive got non to worry well-nigh the accidental falls when yous are shaving within the washroom.


Flexible Shaving System

Braun’s 4 cutting organization depends on the directional pivoting head. For making the cutting go easily together with independently the caput tin give the sack pin dorsum together with forth.

For this, inward their serial 9, Braun added a 10 directional pivoting head.

This serial also has ane of the implemented flexing shaving heads. I tin give the sack bet, It is the best from whatever other shavers.

You tin give the sack lock this inward whatever seat yous want. This is dedicated amongst a switch, which is located on the front end of the shaver.


SyncroSonic Technology

Braun has this patented technology. With the Braun Series nine 9290cc, at that topographic point are 5 Synchronic elements. Those assist to capture to a greater extent than pilus than whatever other premium shavers.

The Braun Series nine 9290cc is able to accommodate your beard together with furnish to a greater extent than power. This tyke allows the user to alter the ability output of the shaver.

The ability depends on the surface area they were shaving.

Accordingly, the engineering scientific discipline tin give the sack read the density of the beard amongst adjusting the power. So, nosotros tin give the sack telephone weep upward this SyncroSonic technology.

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4 Individual Cutting Elements

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

The shaving caput compromised to 4 cutting parts during this shaver.

  • OptiFoils: There are foursquare measured ii foils known equally OptiFoils shave hairs well-nigh to skin. The foils job polygon shaped holes for it. Therefore holes foursquare mensurate superior for capturing hairs simply.
  • HyperLift & Cut Trimmer: Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 hyper elevator together with cutting trimmer could live a novel purpose of serial 9. The trimmer is intended for cutting flat-lying hairs. You detect the identity of the foils amongst distinctive golden color. The chemical compound coating makes this color. For its opposing corrosive together with border retentivity properties, Braun uses a ceramic material.
  • Direct & Cut Trimmer: There’s an on the spot cutting trimmer. This makes the facility to capture the pilus that grows inward the different management inward your face.

Braun presents the serial nine amongst v cutting parts. The 5th purpose of the serial is named peel guard. This peel guard could live a slice of metallic that placed within the correct side past times side of straight together with cutting trimmer.

But if nosotros receive got a style to larn honest, together with thence we’ve to bring upward that, this is oft non a cutter. And it mustn’t count equally one.

If yous wishing an representative of v cutting parts than Panasonic Arc5 could live the first-class representative for this.


Lock System

The lock organization is controlled past times ii buttons. These buttons are located inward the front end of the shaver.

Silver Slide Toggle: This push clitoris industrial plant for locking the caput inward whatever direction. You tin give the sack job this switch inward whatever seat if yous desire to lock it. Then the tyke caput volition non movement to whatever other direction.

Power Button: This is the principal switch of the shaver. This push clitoris is used for turning the tyke on or off.

There are also just about grips on the tyke body. They by together with large used to halt your pollex from slipping. If yous detect the locking together with unlocking organization is frequent piece yous are shaving, together with thence you’ll appreciate its front end together with middle position.

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Wet together with Dry

This is the principal upper elevator choice of high-quality electrical shavers. The Braun Series nine 9290cc electrical tyke also has this outstanding moisture & dry out feature.

It is fully submergeable nether H2O upward to 5 meters. This way that yous tin give the sack job this Braun 9290cc electrical tyke when yous are taking shower, amongst your favorite shaving gel or foam.

You are also allowed to job it dry. These all hateful yous tin give the sack receive got a perfect shave inward your suitable way.


100% Waterproof Shaver

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

A waterproof tyke is ever prissy because yous are allowed to rinse the tyke nether water.

When yous desire to build clean the tyke manually, this volition assist yous a lot to build clean the tyke easily past times running tap water.

And for this, yous don’t receive got to worry well-nigh breaking it.

You tin give the sack jump inward your shower together with easily shave equally well. This tyke is 100% waterproof.

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Automatic Cleaning

You may know this affair that, Braun Series nine comes amongst an automatic cleaning together with charging station.

Braun cleaning station volition automatically charge, cleans, lubricates together with dry out the shaver.


Slide-up Trimmer

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

The Braun Series nine 9290cc electrical foil tyke features a premium slide-up trimmer for especial trimming.

You tin give the sack shape your sideburns, eyebrows, together with mustache amongst the slide-up trimmer.

The trimmer is really handy to build border lines too.

So, yous are getting a trimming chance equally good amongst the Braun serial nine shaver.


LED Display

It is thence convenient to job a cordless foil tyke because at that topographic point is no way to know well-nigh the accuse of how remains it.

There is also no way to know the battery life, dissimilar other models. But this model comes amongst a large LED display. So, yous tin give the sack know the running fourth dimension left.

The display volition demo it. It also displays which numbers of minutes are left earlier its ability runs out. This enshroud also shows just about information well-nigh hygiene status.

The Braun logo is just given below the LED enshroud thence that yous tin give the sack recollect this inward every shave well-nigh who makes your shaver.


Cleaning together with Charging Station

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

The Braun Series nine is actually special for its world’s exclusively 5-action Cleaning & Charging station.

The blueprint together with performance of the cleaning together with charging station of Braun serial nine are non comparable amongst whatever other competitor.

The dock offers fast cleaning, charging, lubricating, selecting a cleaning computer program together with drying the tyke past times a unmarried touching of a button.

It industrial plant almost silently during the entire operation. You tin give the sack say this best purpose of this machine.

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Longer Running Time

The tyke takes a brusk fourth dimension to charge. To completely larn charged, it takes exclusively ane hour. I think it is something impressive because amongst just ane hr together with it’ll live charged fully. Isn’t it amazing?

If yous want, yous tin give the sack job it continuously for l minutes thence easily.

However, this is non the last. You tin give the sack job it non just l minutes, yous tin give the sack also job it ane calendar week or more. It totally depends on your needs together with demands. There is also an choice for fast recharging the tyke when yous are inward a hurry together with postulate a fast trimming or shaving.


Titanium Coated Blades

The blades of this machine are titanium coated. They are thence much first-class inward cutting thick, unkempt beards.

You tin give the sack easily job the tyke because of its efficiency inward trimming.

The blades rest really precipitous together with effective until the shaving caput expires.

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Cordless Shaving

A high character based battery equipped this shaver. So, yous can’t lose your fourth dimension to perform it. It exclusively takes ane hr to fully charge.

There is a huge LED display on the shaver, which counts downwards the remaining minutes of shave time. So, the tyke gives yous a cordless shaving what yous wanted.


Performance of Braun Series nine 9290cc Shaver

 This build has many serial of electrical shavers Braun Series nine 9290cc Electric Shaver Review – The Best Electric Razor

If nosotros desire to know well-nigh the performance, kickoff nosotros receive got to build just about points. By this point, nosotros approximate this tyke performance.

  • Closeness: There are many shavers that build much unopen shave, equally Panasonic Arc5 is better. But it has also just about argue to experience discomfort amongst this. I receive got just about difficulty to larn unopen shave correct higher upward my upper lip. But amongst this shaver, I think the job almost goes. So, I think it is ane of the closer shavers.


  • Comfort: With its combination of diverse features together with factors, the tyke comfortably finishes its work. I telephone weep upward this tyke Rex of comfort because of its amazingly comfortable performance. If yous receive got sensitive peel together with experience razor burns, yous must endeavour this tyke at to the lowest degree ane time to banking corporation check how comfortable it is.


  • Shaving Longer Whisker: this tyke is goodness to shave long whisker. Sometimes when I forget to shave for 1 week, this tyke never build me whatever experience amongst pulling or yanking.


  • Long Hair Trimmer: I exclusively used the trimmer when I desire to shape my sideburns of the beard together with it takes me a lot to practise amongst the Braun 9290cc. This trimmer industrial plant faster, but the performance of this trimmer could receive got been a lot of better.

After beingness this point, yous are able to approximate the performance of the Shaver.

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Braun Series nine 9290cc comes amongst ii years warranty. I think ii years is plenty for a foil type electrical shaver.

If yous desire to build this continuous go afterwards ii years, yous just accept goodness aid of it.


Where Can You Buy This?

As Braun is a pop company, yous tin give the sack purchase this from Braun’s showroom.

But yous tin give the sack society it online. In this fact, Amazon is the best way.



  • It is a fully waterproof device. And an ideal device for job nether showers too.
  • It has an automatic cleaning station that also charges the device together with lubricates it.
  • SyncroSonic engineering scientific discipline automatically adjusts the ability output based on your beard type.
  • There are 4 split cutting elements amongst 1 peel guard.
  • It has a quick accuse feature. It takes an hr to fully accuse the shaver.
  • The battery life is quite long. It’s for upward to l minutes.
  • It includes a locomote pouch which is ideal for locomote needs
  • The shaving caput adjusts to human face upward contour together with curves well. And this ensures flexible shaving.
  • It has an LED display.
  • They also included a locomote lock feature. It is thence useful.
  • The motor of this tyke is thence powerful.
  • The warranty for this device is rigid enough.



  • The tyke comes amongst a large head.
  • Manual cleaning tin give the sack live challenging to you.
  • The machine is louder than expected.
  • The cost is pretty high.

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The Braun Series nine is past times far Braun’s best electrical tyke serial ever together with at that topographic point is no declaration here.

If yous similar Braun’s other offers amongst the tyke together with thence yous volition patently going to dearest this.

Personally, I desire to say that, the Braun Series nine 9290cc electrical tyke gave me the most comfortable shave.

Any foil guard I receive got used before, it has just about positive deviation betwixt them.

This tyke is totally perfect for daily shaving.

If yous are looking for a neat tyke which tin give the sack give yous a decent looking shave amongst plenty performance, together with thence Braun serial nine 9290cc is the best pick for you.

You tin give the sack experience the razors relatively faster, smoother, together with really pleasant using it overall. It has a characteristic to cutting together with choose direct keep of the longer hairs which lies flat.

We also receive got a bonus point, when it comes to a build clean together with accuse characteristic inward it. Personally, I think the tyke itself is a compact.

I hope yous flora the Braun Series nine 9290cc review helpful together with plenty informative.

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