Braun Serial Vii 790Cc Electrical Modest Fry Review

In this modern world, electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men. Every handsome men who desire to accept a unopen too comfortable shave, he must accept a character electrical shaver. But it is tough plenty to uncovering a proficient electrical fry because at that spot are lots of electrical shavers on the market. The Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry is ane of the most popular electric shavers inwards the market. Braun is a good respected High German electronics producer company.

They invented lots of fry models inwards the market. Braun Series seven 790cc is their smart foil electrical fry which is much comfortable for unopen shaving. The functioning of the Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry may attain your satisfaction. We are giving a detailed review below for your meliorate agreement of the device.

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What is inwards the Box???

When you lot volition unbox the fry pack, you’ll uncovering some arrangement. There are a

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

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#User Manual:

The user manual is really detailed alongside lots of illustrations. The user manual is non our favorite. However, it is non the best set out user manual. And nosotros industrial plant life the layout to live strange. On the starting fourth dimension few pages, it begins alongside all the illustrations. Then the instructions are on the residue of the pages. This is only how all the Braun fry manuals are set out.  All of the illustrations appear on the starting fourth dimension few pages of the manual. It followed yesteryear all the instructions.

#Braun Shaver:

Then the side yesteryear side item inwards the box is the electrical fry itself. It stays stored inwards a move pouch. So you lot accept non to live alarm when you lot desire to opened upwardly your box. First, opened upwardly the move pouch too so final result the shiny shaver.

#Cleaning Dock:

The side yesteryear side item inwards the box alongside the fry is the cleaning too charging dock.

#Travel Pouch:

To hold the fry safe, the bundle included a non bad move pouch. We liked the fact that it is so hard to musical rhythm out case. It volition give the fry extra protection when you lot volition leave of absence for a traveling or when you lot only shop the fry inwards it. The instance is finished alongside imitation leather. There are ventilation holes or so the hinge area. The aim of these holes is to hold the fry dry out when inwards storage too forbid the growth of mold.

#Cleaning Brush:

The side yesteryear side item inwards the box is a pocket-size cleaning brush. It is used to build clean the cutting caput manually.

#Appliance Oil too Cleaning Cartridge:

It also includes a cleaning solution cartridge too an appliance stone oil inwards the box. The cartridge is an alcohol-based solution too Braun claims it also kills all germs too hence it hygienically cleans the shaver.

#Charging Cord:

The final item inwards the box is the mightiness adapter or you lot tin dismiss also telephone telephone it charging cord. It is straight used to accuse the fry from the electricity too give mightiness to the cleaning too charging dock for its performance. We had a pocket-size number alongside the mightiness adapter is that the cord is a chip short. But this is non a big occupation if you lot accept a mightiness outlet unopen to your bath counter.

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About the Braun Series 7

You volition live impressed when you lot volition run across the Braun fits inwards your hand. The fry has a fully sealed body.

The suitcase of the fry is smooth. The grip is covered yesteryear full-length dark prophylactic equally you lot tin dismiss suitcase the fry to a greater extent than securely fifty-fifty if your manus is slippy. The torso of the fry is made of metal, plastic, too rubber.

The finishing of the fry is good organized which is proficient for fingerprints too smudges on the surface of the device.

The foil shaving caput on the Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry features a fully flexible scheme that moves too adapts to the private facial skin.

There is a push located on the side of the shaving caput block. You tin dismiss lock the fry caput for to a greater extent than precision inwards hard areas nether your olfactory organ or chin.

After pressing the lock button, the shaving caput becomes stable inwards ane position.

The shaving caput of the Braun Series seven 790cc has iii cutting elements. The ii outer cutting elements are known equally OptiFoil.

The middle cutting chemical constituent is known equally the ‘’Activelift’’ trimmer.

On the forepart of the shaver, the mightiness push locates centrally. You accept to press the pocket-size circular push to start the shaver.

There are extra ii buttons located on either side of the mightiness button. These buttons are marked alongside the “+” too “-” icons.

The shaving moods are essentially v dissimilar shaving speeds.

You’ll also uncovering a pocket-size reset button, alongside ii arrows pointing to it, beneath the Braun logo on the forepart of the fry equally shown below.

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Cleaning too Charging Station

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

The serial seven 790cc’s cleaning scheme comes upwardly alongside a bright cleaning too charging dock. It hygienically cleans, dries too lubricates the shaver.

Just similar the cleaning docks of most electrical shavers, the 790cc-4’s cleaning dock straight off begins charging the fry ane time you lot house it inwards the dock.

It thoroughly cleans too dries the shaver.

The procedure is really simple. After a morning time shave, the Pulsonic tin dismiss live placed inwards the unit.

With a press of a button, the unit of measurement volition build clean the shaver, furnish lubrication to hold it inwards perfect operating status too dry out it.

It volition live charged upwardly too build set upwardly for the side yesteryear side shave.

The four-step build clean too charging scheme which is fully automatic too pretty unproblematic to use.

You tin dismiss build clean your fry alongside a behave on of a push of what is known equally the fast cleaning system.

The build clean too Renew scheme requires the usage of cleaning cartridges. The cleaning cartridge is made alongside a clear plastic where you lot tin dismiss genuinely run across the bluish cleaning fluid inside.

These cartridges accept an unusual tooth-shaped pattern so they tin dismiss easily live inserted into the cleaning unit.

These cartridges purpose an alcohol-based cleaning solution, which removes 99.% of most germs from the surface of the cutting blades on the shaver.

This volition forbid time to come pare infections too irritations. The cleaning solution contains a natural lubricant, which volition hold the machine of your fry inwards its best running order.

The cleaning solution has a pleasant fresh lemon scent.

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Cleaning Brush

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

It has a pocket-size cleaning brush for dry out cleaning of the fry head. You tin dismiss build clean the fry using the cleaning brush when you lot don’ t purpose H2O too the cleaning dock.

But cleaning the device alongside the cleaning dock is the meliorate way.


Charging System

#Full charge

The Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry has a powerful lithium-ion battery. It needs exclusively 1 sixty minutes for a total accuse yesteryear charging satiation.

#Quick charge

It has also a quick charging scheme alongside a lead mightiness adapter. you lot tin dismiss accuse the device from the lead electricity alongside the mightiness adapter yesteryear plug it into the shaver.

If you lot desire to accept an urgent shave, you lot tin dismiss straight accuse the fry yesteryear the charging cord too it volition furnish plenty fuel to accept a perfect shave on a 5-minute charge.

The adapter tin dismiss live used anywhere inwards the world, equally it adjusts alongside whatsoever voltage because of beingness the multi-voltage adapter.

#50 minutes cordless shaving

After charging the 3.6-volt lithium-ion battery for ane sixty minutes you lot larn 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

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Travel case

A move instance is provided alongside the fry to assist you lot to send the fry safely. This is unproblematic too nice.


Most Advanced Sonic Technology

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

The Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry includes most advanced sonic applied scientific discipline alongside 30,000 cross-cut activeness per minute.

It built 10,000 Micro vibrations per infinitesimal to capture to a greater extent than pilus alongside every stroke. It increases the mightiness automatically inwards over denser patches inwards your beard.

#Active lift

The middle cutting chemical constituent is known equally ActiveLift trimmer. Active elevator applied scientific discipline allows apartment lying hairs to live lifted too cutting alongside triple activeness cutting system.

It works good occupation areas such equally mentum too neck. The middle trimmer of active elevator applied scientific discipline makes 130 movements per second.


It provides the perfect finishing. There are ii OptiFoils inwards the shaver. The ii outer cutting elements are known equally OptiFoil.

The Braun OptiFoils promises the closest shave than whatsoever other brand. It trims closer to the skin. It tin dismiss shave easily jawline, too downward the neck.

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LCD Display

The fry has an LCD upgraded display alongside touch. That shims me the amount of charging remaining inwards the battery. So, nosotros never accept to worry virtually if it has plenty accuse to consummate a shave.

The display also has ii other indicators. One is a ‘cleaning indicator’ which shows the hygiene status too the status when it requires a clean.

And the 2nd is move look so that it doesn’t mightiness itself on when it lay inwards your briefcase piece traveling.


Fully Flexible Shaving System

A flexible shaving caput tin dismiss follow the contours of your face. The Braun Series seven 790cc electrical shaver’s shaving scheme is totally flexible because of the pivoting caput of the shaver.

Almost all top of the describe of piece of work shavers from dissimilar manufacturers accept this.

The 790cc is no exception too allows upwardly too downward pivoting of the shaving head. And it tin dismiss also live locked into house yesteryear a switch located on the side.


Accuracy Trimmer

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

All models of serial seven accept accuracy trimmer for beard styling. It sizes beard accurately what you lot want.


3 Personalized Modes

The razor has the mightiness to pick out ane of the v modes that best suit your pare too technique, from Extra Sensitive to Intense. This is a unique characteristic of this razor.

Gents alongside a coarse, tough beard volition definitely welcome the Intensive operating mode. While the Extra Sensitive setting tin dismiss live really effective for men too alongside sensitive pare that is prone to irritations.

You tin dismiss patently purpose dissimilar settings for shaving dissimilar areas of your face. Switching betwixt modes is done yesteryear pressing ane of the ii buttons, which is located on the sides of the ON/OFF switch.



 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

Braun Series seven electrical shavers are 100% waterproof. You tin dismiss straight launder the fry yesteryear lead water.

Just rinse it nether running H2O too build clean it yesteryear shaking the fry easily.

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Shaving Performance

 electrical fry has leave of absence a crucial involve for men Braun Series seven 790cc Electric Shaver Review

The Series 7-790cc is ane of the best you lot tin dismiss larn the best shaving experience alongside an electrical shaver. There’s no agency to lay this whatsoever other way. The fry is specially impressive when it comes to comfort.

And the closeness is to a greater extent than than adequate for an electrical fry equally well.

The Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry is also pretty proficient at cutting hairs that prevarication apartment on your skin. Or that grow inwards dissimilar patterns, which is hard to cut.

Anyone that has some experience alongside electrical shavers knows that this is their Achille’s heel.

The 790cc manages to perform meliorate than most other shavers yesteryear using the combo of micropulsations, specially designed middle trimmer too foil.


Some may uncovering a piddling chip unpractical due to their sheer size. But the slim caput also makes it really maneuverable equally opposed to other models.

Not exclusively the areas but also that may require a distich of additional passes are correct below the jawline or the neck.

It includes no pulling or tugging fifty-fifty when shaving every ii or iii days. It makes this the top performer shaver.

5 personalization modes don’t seem to build whatsoever departure to purpose it at all. Moreover, Sensitive settings only build the fry experience slow.

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Final Thought

This Braun Series seven 790cc electrical fry is a non bad choice. Its comfort too repose of purpose are what you lot tin dismiss aspect from Braun.

Braun says this fry volition furnish a minimum seven years of service too they straight furnish 2 years of express warranty.

It is a quick, comfortable, too amazingly unopen shaving shaver. In a nutshell, It tin dismiss live said that the Braun serial seven 790cc fry is meliorate than whatsoever other electrical shaver.

Undoubtedly it is the world’s ane of the most efficient too comfortable Shaver.



  • Captures too cuts to a greater extent than pilus inwards every stroke for to a greater extent than efficiency too comfortability.
  • Very reasonable price.
  • Powerful Lithium-ion Battery.
  • 4 synchronized shaving elements
  • Innovative Sonic technology
  • Intelligent AutoSensing motor
  • Made of metallic too plastic combination.



  • Not wet/dry shaver

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