Braun Silk Epil Five Epilator Review – Braun Silk Epil 5280

Braun is a rattling familiar build for men together with women preparation products. They are manufacturing women’s pilus removal epilators for years. Braun has lots of epilator models on the marketplace inwards dissimilar serial from serial 1 to 9. The Braun silk epil five is a mid hit pilus removal epilator for women. The Braun silk epil 5280 is the most pop together with the master copy production inwards the Braun silk epil five series. We are going to talking well-nigh the Braun silk epil 5280 epilator amongst pros together with cons to aid y’all to create upward one’s heed if the production is perfect check for you. With features together with specifications of the device, nosotros also collected customer’s reaction together with our researched experiences inwards this review. So, let’s cause got a await on the total review of the Braun Silk epil 5.


What is inwards the Box????

Braun is a rattling familiar build for men together with women preparation products Braun Silk Epil five Epilator Review – Braun silk epil 5280

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While unpacking the production afterwards getting inwards your hand, y’all volition meet roughly particular attachments including the epilator itself. You are going to meet –

  • The Braun silk epil five epilator handle
  • Epilator caput attached amongst the handle
  • Foil fry head
  • A trimmer cap
  • A cooling glove
  • Skin efficiency cap
  • Travel bag
  • Power cord amongst adapter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Manual


All-in-one Hair Removal for Women

Braun promises to supply silky polish epilation amongst their Braun silk epil five epilator which volition concluding for four weeks.

The Braun silk epil five is an all-in-one preparation pilus removal machine for women.

It has epilator, fry together with trimmer options together to cause got to a greater extent than flexibility inwards women’s grooming.

So, y’all make non ask to cause got a split upward trimmer, fry for trimming or shaving purpose.

Braun produced this production equally a consummate bundle of women’s pilus removal.


40 Tweezers Technology

Braun engineered the Braun silk epil five epilator caput amongst xl private tweezers.

All the tweezers piece of work together together with capture 4x to a greater extent than hairs than waxing for a polish together with precise epilation.

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Smart LED

There is a smart LED arrangement inwards the Braun silk epil five which was also available inwards Braun’s premium epilators Braun silk epil 9 together with Braun silk epil 7.

The LED lights upward inwards a specific expanse where y’all operate the machine.  It volition aid y’all to meet every unmarried pilus if the machine misses removing.

The LED ensures flawless together with polish pilus removal inwards every operation.


Design of Braun Silk Epil 5

Braun silk epil five epilator comes amongst a rattling sleek blueprint together with structure.

The size of the device is rattling reasonable which fits women’s grasp perfectly equally big devices are non comfortable for women’s small-scale hand.

It has a smart combination of white together with pinkish color which seems rattling eye-catching.


The Shaver Head

As y’all know, in that location is a foil fry caput amongst the Braun silk epil five epilator package.

The caput helps to shave off the hairs from sensitive areas of your body.

Since epilation is trivial painful together with on the other paw shaving amongst an electrical fry is most comfortable for both men together with women, Braun included the fry caput amongst the epilator.

While y’all are afraid of epilating roughly areas, y’all tin easily shave in that location amongst total of comfort.

Shaving does non lasts longer similar epilation though.

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Trimming amongst Trimmer Cap

You may cause got roughly long hairs inwards dissimilar zone on your trunk or face.

It’s trivial fuzzy to epilate or shave long hairs amongst epilator or shaver.

That’s why Braun included a trimming facility amongst the Braun silk epil five epilator.

There is a trimmer cap amongst the bundle which y’all ask to onslaught the fry caput together with in that location is a trimming pick there.

You only ask to slide the lock together with unlock slider push clitoris on the fry caput to activate trimming.

You tin shape hairs inwards dissimilar house for trunk fine art amongst the trimmer.


Pivoting Head

Braun is a rattling familiar build for men together with women preparation products Braun Silk Epil five Epilator Review – Braun silk epil 5280

Braun silk epil five epilator together with the fry caput cause got flexible pivoting head.

The pivoting caput allows the device to adapt amongst the peel contact together with read every angle of the trunk curves.

The caput ensures polish together with flawless functioning amongst total of peel comfort.

So, y’all make non ask to go out a unmarried pilus inwards the difficult to accomplish areas together with angles on your trunk together with face.


User-Friendly Functions together with Interface

Operating the Braun silk epil five epilator is rattling easy.

It comes amongst super user-friendly functions together with interface which build the using procedure equally good easy.

It has a circled ability push clitoris which volition allow y’all to cause got ii speed modes together with turning off the device.

There is a big pinkish push clitoris behind the device where y’all ask to click together with delineate off a caput to laid roughly other caput inwards need.

Adding together with detaching the trimmer comb is also rattling easy, only force it toward the fry caput to attach the cap together with delineate it to detach it.

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Rechargeable Battery

The Braun silk epil 5280 epilator comes amongst a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The battery takes 1 hr to live fully charged together with provides thirty minutes of cordless performance.


Cordless together with Corded

Braun is a rattling familiar build for men together with women preparation products Braun Silk Epil five Epilator Review – Braun silk epil 5280

As y’all know the Braun silk epil five epilator provides thirty infinitesimal of cordless functioning inwards per total accuse of 1 hour.

You may intend this is a downside of the device equally thirty infinitesimal is non a long fourth dimension spell comparison amongst the Braun silk epil 9 or silk epil 7.

But the most appealing thing inwards the Braun 5280 is, the device could live used corded.

It’s no affair your epilator’s battery is empty equally it provides corded using facility too.

So, y’all make non ask to occupation concern well-nigh battery accuse together with recharging the fry equally y’all tin utilisation it anytime amongst the charging cord from straight electrical outlet.


Travel Friendly

The Braun silk epil 5280 epilator’s trunk is rattling smart together with tiny.

That’s why it is equally good slowly to deport the device inwards the travel.

Braun provides a go pocketbook amongst the bundle which keeps the device condom from dust together with helps to deport it easily.

There is a multi-volt charging adapter amongst a long cord to recharge or cause got corded shaving.

That’s why y’all tin utilisation or recharge it from anywhere of the world.

This characteristic allows y’all to go worldwide carrying the device amongst you.

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Wet together with Dry

Although this is non an official moisture together with dry out epilator yesteryear Braun, I utilisation it amongst H2O to cause got moisture epilation or shave.

The moisture performance is amend than dry out utilisation together with I recommend to utilisation it into the moisture hairs amongst H2O for comfortable together with polish result.

But using shaving cream, foam, gel, lotion may non give y’all a satisfactory result.

But it volition non seem upward whatever employment spell using amongst those moisture softeners.


The Cooling Glove

As I mentioned before, Braun included a cooling glove amongst the bundle of Braun silk epil 5280 epilator.

The cooling glove helps to soothe the peel together with build the hairs prepared for epilation earlier exploiting the device.

It also provides a comfortable feeling afterwards an epilation or shave.

So, the cooling glove is rattling useful for maximizing peel comfort earlier together with afterwards grooming.



Braun offers 1 twelvemonth of express warranty amongst their Braun silk epil five epilator.

The manufacturer volition repair or supervene upon the device if y’all discovery whatever manufacturing defect inwards the device or it stops working similar earlier inside 1 year.

The warranty volition non apply if y’all harm the device amongst accident, misuse, abuse.

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I institute the Braun silk epil five epilator Braun 5280 is pretty expert for preparation women’s whole trunk hairs together with epilating for four calendar week long lasting.

While checking consumer’s report, it gained maximum recommendations yesteryear the customers.

It’s non entirely an epilator but also a fry together with trimmer.

So, y’all volition larn a women’s multigrooming kit spell having the Braun silk epil five epilator.



  • All-in-one preparation kit
  • Cordless together with corded
  • Unique cooling glove
  • User-friendly together with travel-friendly
  • Smart LED
  • Pivoting head

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  • Not expert amongst lotion, cream, foam, gel
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Short battery performance