Brio Beardscape Beard Trimmer Review

The Brio Beardscape is the hot topic to the men who direct maintain plenty thought close beard trimmers. This novel production is becoming real pop as well as trending twenty-four hours past times day. What is the primary argue behind becoming every bit good thrilling to the beard guy community? While checking customer’s rating on this preparation kit, nosotros were actually amazed to run across the swell feedback. If you lot are yet unknown close the product, you lot are actually real busy men! Here nosotros are going to tell you lot everything close the production including pros as well as cons. The Brio Beardscape may live your adjacent or get-go beard trimmer kit for your ultimate beard grooming.

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What You are Going to Have inward the Package?

The Brio Beardscape is the hot topic to the men who direct maintain plenty thought close beard trimmers Brio BeardScape Beard Trimmer Review

There are about to a greater extent than things within the parcel of Brio Beardscape trimmer package. After unwrapping the package, you lot volition find-

  • The Brio Beardscape trimming kit itself
  • A go pouch
  • 4 guide combs
  • USB Charging cord
  • Universal charging adapter
  • Charging stand
  • A pocket-size cleaning brush
  • Appliance oil
  • User manual

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Low Friction Ceramic Blade

The performance of a beard trimmer to a greater extent than oft than non depends on the cutting blades.

We constitute the Brio Beardscape trimmer comes amongst the strongest as well as sharpest blade type.

The trimmer features a depression friction ceramic blade which is 4 times stronger as well as sharper than the stainless steel blade type spell most of the advanced beard trimmers come upwardly amongst stainless steel blades.

The blades create real petty friction, heat, as well as audio spell performing.

So, you lot must non direct maintain whatever result inward blade as well as cutting performance.


Powerful & Silent Motor

The trimmer comes amongst a powerful motor drive featuring 50RPM to 70RPM incremental steps.

You tin select your ability from 50RPM to 70RPM inward v incremental steps amongst the (+) (-) buttons situated on the ability button.

The 50RPM provides mild ability as well as 70RPM provides turbo ability for slower to faster trimming operation.

Although it features a real powerful motor, the trimmer makes petty noise spell comparison amongst other devices.

It may brand about noise spell using at the upmost ability (70RPM) but it is non every bit good loud.

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On Device Length Settings

There is a length setting alternative on the device amongst a sliding button.

The push clit provides 4 blade meridian adjustment settings (1mm, 1.3mm, 1.6mm, 1.9mm) for shorter to longer beard cutting.

You tin select your desired blade meridian for your beard preparation past times the sliding button.

A negative perspective on the length setting is, it may brand you lot confused spell using guide combs.


4 Guide Comb Attachments

There are 4 guide combs come upwardly amongst the package.

The combs offering 8 pilus lengths amongst ii side guide system.

The combs direct maintain 1mm as well as 2mm, 3mm as well as 6mm, 9mm as well as 12mm, 15mm as well as 18mm length options for ultimate beard styling.


Solid Travel Bag

While unboxing the package, you lot volition notice a enterprise go handbag inside.

The handbag is real potent to protect the device spell traveling or confront whatever sort of accidental falling.

You tin shop the trimmer, the USB cord, as well as a guide comb within the go handbag for go safety.

But you lot direct maintain to ship the other attachments as well as charging adapter or base of operations amongst about other carrier since in that place is real petty infinite to house the other things inside.

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No Travel Lock

It may live a negative perspective for the trimmer that, in that place is no go lock organization inward it.

When you lot shop the trimmer within the bag, it may accidentally plow on amongst a petty touch.

So, you lot direct maintain to ship as well as handgrip the trimmer carefully spell non using or traveling.


Powerful Battery

The Brio Beardscape trimmer comes amongst a real powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

The battery offers 4 hours of continuous cordless trimming amongst three hours of amount charge.

This must live an adorable thing inward this trimmer spell most of the trimmer offers less than 1-hour cordless performance except some.

I constitute you lot tin larn a amount cut down amongst v minutes of quick charging spell your trimmer is out of power.


LED Display

There is a real user-friendly LED display on the trimmer body.

The display shows battery remaining ability inward minutes, hygiene condition for cleaning, Power condition inward RPM speed as well as more.

The display makes the trimmer to a greater extent than attractive spell the top trimmers similar Philips Multigroom 7000 or Wahl 9818 exercise non direct maintain such sort of function.

So, it may live your swell selection if you lot similar to cut down amongst the perfect direction of time, hygiene as well as power.

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Not Waterproof

You mightiness live questioning that, is the device waterproof or tin you lot brand a rinse?

The answer is no! Brio suggested to build clean the device amongst the cleaning brush as well as disallowed to rinse it.

They said the blade may lose the lubrication afterwards a rinse as well as malfunction spell operating.

So, exercise non operate the trimmer inward moisture conditions or rinse the blade amongst H2O to proceed your device well.


Charging as well as Cleaning

The Brio Beardscape parcel comes amongst a USB charging cord which allows you lot to accuse the device from your laptop or ability bank.

There is a multi-volt charging adapter (110v-220v) amongst the parcel to usage the USB cord inward it to accuse the device.

Another rocking attachment for charging is, you lot volition larn a charging stand upwardly inward the package.

Just seat the trimmer on the charging base of operations as well as attach the charging cord into the base of operations to accuse it securely.

You also tin straight accuse the device without the charging base, but nosotros recommend to usage the charging base of operations for charging.

Brio provides a petty cleaning brush amongst the trimming kit to build clean the blade afterwards trimming.

Just detach the comb attachments as well as brush off the blade to take debris as well as larn inward germ-free.

The attachment cobs tin live rinsed nether H2O for cleaning but the device should non live rinsed.

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Brio offers 2 years of express warranty amongst their Brio Beardscape trimmer.

If you lot notice whatever production defect or malfunction of the device within 2 years afterwards the actual buy date, Brio volition repair or supervene upon your production without whatever cost.

But the warranty volition non encompass if the result occurs because of misuse, abuse or whatever sort of accident.


Build Quality

In our opinion, the trimmer has a enterprise built character amongst extreme ingredients.

The titanium paired ceramic blades are the most adorable thing inward the built character of the trimmer.

Brio made a sleek blueprint for the trimmer as well as applied a swell sense of color combination.

The torso made amongst swell character of plastic which feels real sturdy inward hand.

The powerful motor made the device to a greater extent than acceptable which allows to a greater extent than precision.

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Performance of Brio Beardscape Trimmer

We collected lots of customer’s persuasion close the performance of the Brio Beardscape trimmer as well as also nosotros seat our experiences together.

Considering all the experiences as well as client reaction, nosotros tin tell the trimmer would live a middle hit device.

The cutting performance as well as motor speed are every bit good good.

When you lot volition brand a trimming amongst the trimming caput itself without whatever guide comb, the performance volition live best.

But the guide combs takes about extra passes for perfect trimming.

This is non a work of the device, the result occurs every bit the combs are non much useful.

But it is non a work if you lot exercise non experience disturbed to brand about extra passes since the cutting character is great.

Another result is, the comb length as well as the blade length may brand you lot super confused every bit you lot don’t know which blade meridian exact matches for which comb.

But the depression audio performance may brand you lot amazed.


Final Thought

In a stubble trimming, the Brio Beardscape trimmer is the best out there.

This novel production got swell client credence within a few days.

Although about negative aspects, the performance of the trimmer tin brand a groomer blooming.

In our opinion, in that place should live a precision trimmer amongst it for to a greater extent than precisions.

In the affair of features, the Philips 7000 as well as Wahl 9818 stay better.

But if you lot exercise non postulate whatever fancy features as well as lots of attachments, the Brio Beardscape would live a swell compilation for your beard grooming.

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  • Strongest as well as sharpest blade
  • Great cutting quality
  • Powerful motor
  • Speed personalization option
  • Silent performance
  • Great Battery life
  • Sturdy blueprint as well as size
  • 2 years warranty



  • Not washable
  • Combs non much useful
  • Confusing length options
  • Should direct maintain a precision trimmer
  • No go lock

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