Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler Iii Inward I Men’S Groomer Review

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler comes alongside Braun’s engineered powerfulness trimming applied scientific discipline for fifty-fifty trimming, shaving, too edging. Braun has been designing the motor of Men’s too Women’s electrical child too trimmer for 100 years.  Most of the shavers of Braun are powered past times rechargeable battery too for cordless use. Some are also for corded use. The Gillette proglide styler is 1 of the nigh pop too trending device for men’s grooming. Accompanying the Styler, organizer, too trimmer itself at that topographic point are iii comb attachments, length 2mm, 4mm, too 6mm.


What is inwards the Box???

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler comes alongside Braun Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler iii inwards 1 Men’s Groomer Review

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  • 1 full-size trimmer
  • 1 Pro-glide powerfulness cartridge
  • 3 exchangeable combs
  • 1 battery and
  • Organizer

All the using instructions yous volition run across inwards the user manual.


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler inwards Brief:

  • The Gillette STYLER is a Braun engineered powerfulness trimmer featuring advanced applied scientific discipline for fifty-fifty trimming too ultimate maneuvering.
  • This razor used nigh advanced blades which volition furnish incredible closeness too comfort.
  • The precision edging blade is designed for crisp too which volition practice defined lines.
  • Powered past times 1 AA battery.


Overview of Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler

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All-Purpose STYLER

The Gillette all-purpose styler comes alongside pro-glide blades and a Braun engineered trimmer which volition furnish yous an fifty-fifty trim, unopen shave too practice defined edging lines.

This all-purpose machine is for wet too dry out use. Even yous tin displace utilisation it nether the shower.


Braun Engineered Power Technology alongside iii Exchangeable Combs

The Braun engineered powerfulness applied scientific discipline trimmer volition furnish yous an fifty-fifty bring down too ultimate maneuvering.

And Braun is 1 of the go past times six manufacturers inwards the world.

The iii exchangeable combs direct maintain unlike lengths.

So, yous tin displace practice unlike beard too mustache styles.


The Precision Trimmer

The precision trimmer volition help yous to practice defined lines too allow yous to shave tricky places.


Water Resistant Design

The Gillette ProGlide STYLER is totally safe to utilisation inwards moisture environments.

And at that topographic point is no gamble of H2O causing problems.

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90 Days of Risk-Free Trial!

After purchase, if yous are non fully satisfied alongside the surgical procedure of this machine yous tin displace render it inside xc days of actual purchase day.

The fellowship volition dorsum your total money.

So afterward purchasing this product, conk along all the papers safely for the future.

I mean value it is a dandy chance for customers who desire to purchase this product.

And at that topographic point are really few Brands who provides such equally a long-time risk-free trial.



The Gillette Fusion proglide STYLER does non come upward alongside whatever warranty.

Since it is non too then expensive production too the functions are too then simple, the warranty does non bother the users at all.

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Built Quality too Hardware

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler comes alongside Braun Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler iii inwards 1 Men’s Groomer Review

The Gillette STYLER comes alongside a really pocket-size profile too the production dimensions are 10.5 x 11.9 x 2.8 inches (1.09 pounds).

The blades are really precipitous too these are able to cutting the thickest beard alongside perfections.

Braun has focused on the motor too Gillette on the best Blades which volition furnish the users a comfortable too unopen shave needed.

The STYLER traveling pocket on prissy bluish prophylactic what you tin displace easily concord too it feels really piece of cake to maneuver.

For this prophylactic grip, the trimmer volition non sideslip out of your hand. I similar this characteristic a lot.

The Gillette fusion Proglide STYLER also includes 1 proglide cartridge attachment.

The cartridge allows refilling whatever Gillette fusion blade to live used interchangeably on the device.

On the contrary side of the proglide cartridge, yous volition discovery the precision trimmer which is designed for creating crisply defined lines too finishing touches.

The battery is located inwards the middle of the handle. Just unscrew the grip to run across it.

There is an organizer with this package.

You direct maintain to set the trimmer inwards front end of the organizer. You tin displace direct maintain the comb inwards the dorsum of it; at that topographic point are iii places to set the iii attachment combs.

The Gillette STYLER is fully washable too shower proof.

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Power Source

The Gillette fusion proglide STYLER is powered past times one AA battery lacking whatever charging capability.

But I mean value this production await a rechargeable battery at the toll point.

According to the Gillette, this battery should concluding anywhere from 1 to 1.5 months based on average shaving.

Since the battery is non rechargeable, yous direct maintain to purchase to a greater extent than batteries when 1 goes dead. And that is an extra cost.


Attachment Changing

Changing the attachment is really easy. Take the trimmer, snaps correct into place, easy.

There is a piddling push on the back, directly press it to detach the attachment, no work at all.

The attachments are made alongside plastic, too then if yous force it also hard yous mightiness interruption it.

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Cleaning too Maintenance

The Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler comes alongside Braun Gillette Fusion Proglide Styler iii inwards 1 Men’s Groomer Review

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Since this machine is waterproof, cleaning is extremely piece of cake too fast.

To rinse the machine, only concord it nether running water.

The blades too combs are detachable.

Remove the blade too comb too rinse them nether running H2O for thorough cleaning.

The manufacturers highly recommended that the user should construct clean the machine thoroughly afterward every use.


Replacement Part

Gillette is a world-famous Brand.

This Gillette STYLER is a preferred device past times men for its capability of fulfilling their shaving needs.

The replacement parts of it are available inwards the Gillette website too local dealer’s store or the online stores similar Amazon.

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Shaving surgical procedure is truly appreciable. I don’t direct maintain whatever objection to the shaving performance.

  • But I would nation 1 of the issues is when yous volition force the trimmer caput back, lots of pilus tin displace larn stuck inwards there. It happened to me a few times. Had to construct clean it out, yous tin displace either rinse it nether running H2O or utilisation a brush to become inwards at that topographic point too larn that out of there.
  • The instant effect I had is that, this machine comes alongside an AA battery too the powerfulness starts off rigid alongside a novel battery, but I could take away heed it slow fade equally I was going through too cutting the thickest hair. Not also certain how long this is truly going to last. Gillette says that yous should larn 1 to 1.5 months out of it.

I mean value it may live a duo to a greater extent than trims it sounded similar I mightiness larn through alongside this. And yous direct maintain to run across it based on your personal utilisation of this device.



  • An all-rounder production – The Gillette Proglide STYLER is a consummate torso groomer. It is non solely for the beard or mustache. You tin displace also cutting your stubble too torso pilus past times this machine.
  • Close too comfortable shave – The super precipitous blades of this machine volition furnish yous a unopen too comfortable shave without whatever pare irritations.
  • The organizer – The organizer is really useful too handy to conk along all the instruments safely at a unmarried location. Since the organizer is sleek too lightweight, it doesn’t necessary a lot of infinite to store it.

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  • The blade is narrow – The blade width is solely 2.5 cm for that it takes a lot of fourth dimension to consummate the shaving.
  • Does non follow the contours – The contour next characteristic is non impressive. When yous volition cutting the pilus from unlike area, yous direct maintain to elevator the blade.


My Thought

The Gillette fusion Proglide STYLER is for somebody who faces difficulties to shave too bring down alongside a full-size child or trimmer.

It is a really uncomplicated too narrow device that tin displace perform inwards whatever surface area of your aspect upward too torso without difficulties.

It could live a multi training device for men. The solely work alongside the production is non-rechargeable.

If yous practice non similar to purchase extra batteries regularly, yous tin displace endeavour the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3000 inwards the similar toll range.

Overall, the Gillette STYLER is a expert production too I recommend yous become out too exam it out.

As Gillette offers xc days coin dorsum guarantee, yous tin displace endeavour too render if it tin displace non fulfill your satisfaction.

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