Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Disposable Razor Review

Want to endeavour a Disposable Razor? Let’s cheque the Gillette Fusion5 Proglide razor.

The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor is engineered amongst flex-ball engineering scientific discipline which volition help the razor to movement side-to-side.

It is besides suitable for sensitive peel because the lubrastrip volition render to a greater extent than lubrication for a comfortable shave.

The razor features five blades technology, thence you lot are going to instruct much cleaner shave. The blades are closer together.

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What is inwards the Box???

  • One handle
  • 2 blades( It varies according to the package)


Gillette Fusion5 Proglide inwards Brief

  • This Gillette fusion5 proglide razor engineered amongst Flex-Ball technology, for that it tin easily follow every contour of your face.
  • This Men’s pocket-size designed amongst five Anti-friction blades.
  • This Gillette shaving kit besides comes amongst a precision trimmer on back. It volition allow you lot to order whatsoever hard-to-reach expanse together with allow you lot to stylize your facial hair.
  • A blade cartridge volition render the same surgical procedure upwards to 1month, together with thence you lot accept to alter it.

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Features together with Specifications

#Thinnest together with Finest Blades

The razor comes amongst Gillette’s thinnest together with finest blades.

The thinnest together with finest blades of Gillette fusion5 are for cutting the hairs smoothly amongst less tug together with line (first iv blades).

 #FlexBall Technology

The razor handgrip of Gillette fusion5 is engineered amongst flex ball technology; the pro-glide tin easily follow every contour of the aspect upwards together with instruct every pilus virtually.

#Precision Trimmer

There is a precision trimmer inwards the dorsum of the razor caput which volition allow you lot to order hard areas like- nose/sideburns.

You tin build perfect edges amongst the precision trimmer inwards your sideburns or whatsoever other hairs.

#The Enhanced Lubrastrip

This role is designed amongst to a greater extent than lubrication. This volition give you lot super-smoothness of the passes of the shaving procedure for a comfortable shave.

#Worthy Across All Fusion5

All fusion5 together with fusion5 ability razors of Gillette check all fusion5 blades series.

So, you lot exercise non require to worry most replacing the blades spell the electrical flow i is expired.

And these are available whatsoever super store together with online retailer store similar Amazon.

#Enhance Shaving Performance

To heighten the shaving surgical procedure or to instruct a comfortable shave, Gillette recommends to occupation utilise the proglide 2-in-1 shave gel + peel care.

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This Gillette fusion5 proglide pocket-size does non come upwards amongst any warranty.

This machine is really uncomplicated together with the management is besides really tardily for that, the warranty does non bother the consumers at all.


Built Quality

ball engineering scientific discipline which volition help the razor to movement side Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Disposable Razor Review

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The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor designed amongst a really little profile.

The razor’s dimensions are – 1.2 x 4.1 x 7.9 inches; 2.4 ounces only.

The shaving caput is engineered amongst five anti-friction blades which tin handgrip whatsoever kinds of thickest or toughest beard easily.

The flex ball engineering scientific discipline allows the pocket-size caput to rotate 24 degrees.

The pocket-size is 100% waterproof, thence the user tin occupation it nether the shower.

The handgrip is made amongst safe travelling steal since the travelling steal is rubber, at that topographic point is no adventure of abrupt sideslip of hand.

In the dorsum side of this razor, at that topographic point is a precision trimmer which volition create a defined occupation together with render you lot a finishing touch.


Power Sources

This pocket-size doesn’t accept whatsoever ability sources. There is no charging adapter, no battery; the shaving surgical procedure volition depend on the blades.

In a word, this is a Manual Razor. So, you lot accept to occupation it manually to cutting the beards.

For automatic cutting together with shaving the beards, you lot tin pick out an electric shaver rather.

As the Fusion5 razor is non rechargeable, it is really tardily to send amongst you lot anywhere.

There is no headache most charge/run out the battery.

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How Long a Blade Refill Lasts???

It depends on many reasons like- the thickness of beard, toughness of beard/ shaving habits/ training of beard/ sensitivity of the skin.

The indicator lubricating strip of Gillette fusion5 pro-glide volition give you lot visual cue- which fades to white when the optimal shave province of affairs has been decreased.

When it volition happen, you lot accept to alter the blade of this razor to instruct an optimal shave.


Cleaning together with Maintenance

The cleaning method of this Gillette fusion5 pro-glide pocket-size is really tardily together with simple.

Just elevator the razor blades from the head, concur it nether running water. Remove all the issue pilus together with debris.

After a rinse, supervene upon it i time again on the razor head.

The razor handgrip is thin, thence ever handgrip it carefully together with during the shave, don’t render high pressure.


Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended that afterward iv weeks of occupation the user should refill the razor’s blades to instruct an optimal shaving performance.

I intend replacement does non depend on the time, generally, it depends on using habits.

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Customer ratings

The average client rating is 4.5 out of five where at that topographic point are many shavers from famous build could non obtain such every bit honorable ratings.

As an example- if you lot run across the client ratings of Braun electrical shaver, they could non attain likewise Gillette.


My Shaving Experience

ball engineering scientific discipline which volition help the razor to movement side Gillette Fusion5 Proglide Disposable Razor Review

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1st of all, this Gillette fusion5 proglide pocket-size comes amongst a shaving gel which made my shaving thence tardily together with comfortable.

The comfort guard of this razor allows me to shave my beards a footling chip better.

And it gives me a unopen shave to the olfactory organ together with makes to cutting my sideburns easily.

The overall procedure is to last a lot smoother together with on the top of this razor, at that topographic point is a flexible head.

The caput allows me to shave my beards from whatsoever angle together with comprehend every unmarried hair.

This razor is keen for sensitive skin together with my peel is besides sensitive.

This is much amend than unmarried razors. The cool matter is I tin shave inwards a bend of a straightaway line.

Because the ball allows me to exercise brusque throwing out all the traditional ways to shave past times using a flexball.

Based on shaving surgical procedure I volition render 4.8 out of 5.



I was impressed amongst the shaving surgical procedure of this Gillette fusion5 proglide razor when tried the outset time.

It was really shine together with I did non experience whatsoever hurting or discomfort during the shave.

The Gillette fusion5 proglide men’s razor does a fantastic chore of providing a build clean shave.

It gets or thence the peel together with the flex ball allows me to instruct into those areas that you lot cannot instruct into amongst a straightaway razor.

So I volition highly recommend you lot this production if you lot are prepared to purchase a novel manual razor.

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