Panasonic Arc3 Es8103s Electrical Tiddler Review

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off from the pare level. This irritation is plenty for men to scare of electrical razors. We should give thank you lot Panasonic Company for making their electrical shavers out of this form of irritations. Over the in conclusion year, things receive got certainly changed. Especially Panasonic gave us to a greater extent than comfort amongst love. They constantly add together to a greater extent than as well as to a greater extent than comfort technology scientific discipline to their foil shavers to build our daily life easier. The Panasonic ES8103S is a foil shaver, as well as this is the perfect electrical tiddler for men who are looking to larn a sense of savour for daily foil shaving. Today inwards this post service nosotros are going to furnish a total review on the Panasonic Arc3 ES8103s electrical shaver. The reviews of Panasonic shavers are ever a please as well as this i is also the same.

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What Comes Inside the Box???

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

After unpacking the package, you lot volition find-

  • The Panasonic ES8103s tiddler itself
  • Foil protector cap
  • Drawstring go bag
  • Charging Cord
  • Instruction manual

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The Panasonic ES8103s is a fashionable shaver. This tiddler is equipped amongst a triple-blade cutting system.

To build the shaving procedure quick as well as efficient, Panasonic designed this cutting system.

The caput is rigid as well as flexible, as well as the ARC coils ensure removing the toughest hairs.

All these features as well as components build a outcome of a smoothen as well as unopen shave inwards a really curt time.

There is a pocket-size motor inwards this shaver, which operates a frequency of 13000 cycles per minute.

Though the speed of this motor is clearly non the fastest possible, it is adept plenty to larn all stubborn hairs without whatever pulling as well as tugging.

The tiddler has a pop-up trimmer that makes it slow to function on finer details piece trimming.

Especially when it is hard to laissez passer on around areas of the face, the trimmer plant in that location also well.

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Shaver Design

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

Let’s apace larn over the blueprint of Panasonic Arc3 ES8103s moisture as well as dry out electrical shaver.

I constitute it fits nicely inwards my paw as well as it’s a flake smaller than the Braun serial 790cc.

The tiddler comes amongst a pivoting caput of a three-bladed organisation as well as the caput moves side to side as well as upward as well as down.

You tin give notice run into on the left, there’s a halt a walk inwards position.

So that gonna lock the caput to shave your upper lip or mentum surface area where you lot don’t desire whatever movement.

There is a pop-up trimmer inwards the dorsum which is useful for trimming downwards your sideburns.

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There are around features included inwards the shaver. Here are around of them.


Pivoting Shaving Head

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

The Panasonic arc3 ES8103s features a foil shaving system.

The actual shaving caput of this tiddler is made out of a perforated stainless steel foil which is slightly curved as well as covers the cutting blades.

Panasonic designed the caput to follow the contours of your human face upward for maximum efficiency as well as comfort.

For your easiness, the whole shaving block tin give notice live easily taken apart for cleaning.

It is taken apart past times pressing the liberate buttons located on both sides of the foil frame. So, it’s quite easy.

Another characteristic worth mentioning is the pivoting business office of the shaving head.

I receive got used Panasonic shavers for many years. I must tell that I was never likewise fond of this characteristic on entry-level shavers.

With high-end models similar Braun Series 9 or Panasonic’s really ain Arc 5 line, in that location is a whole dissimilar story.

There is an choice to lock the caput into a perfect place. This function directed amongst a switch located on the side of the primary torso for to a greater extent than precision when you lot are shaving the tricky areas.

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Nano-tech Blades

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

There are 3 nanotech blades, actually, they are two. The 3rd i beingness integrated into the foil itself as well as serves the role of trimming the longer hairs to a to a greater extent than manageable length.

And as well as then it captured as well as cutting at pare flat past times the 2 other foils.

The blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. These blades let you lot to cutting facial pilus at 30-degree angle.

So, you lot don’t receive got to build whatever extra efforts to larn a groovy as well as unopen shave.

They build a difference, ensuring an extremely build clean as well as dissimilar efficient cutting. They are hypoallergenic for gentle shave fifty-fifty on sensitive skin.

So, you lot won’t receive got whatever experience of tugging or pulling.

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High Speed Linear Motor

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

The ability of this shavers motor is thence fast.

The stunning tiddler features an as stunning linear motor that tin give notice laissez passer on upward to 13000 CPM (cycle per minute) as well as provides a counter-directional displace of the blades.

They also cut vibrations as well as noise.

The high ability of this motor tin give notice give you lot consistent ability that you lot demand for a closer, faster shave.

The linear motor ensures that the smallest hairs are also cutting downwards easily without causing whatever form of pare irritation.


Pop-up Trimmer

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

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The Panasonic arc3 ES8103s electrical tiddler has a Pop-up Trimmer for training your mustache as well as sideburns.

The pop-up trimmer is a novel add-on to whatever shaver.

Here nosotros receive got i which does a really adept job. But in that location is i job here. The shaving caput is a trivial bulky.

And amongst the trimmer, the seat is, you lot can’t truly run into what you’re doing.

Simply slide the trimmer to upwards management for using it as well as and then dorsum it downwards when you lot are done.

It is truly useful if you lot desire to give your mustache or sideburns the in conclusion touch.

I constitute to exercise the play a joke on to take away the foil frame as well as the 2 blades.

It doesn’t audio really much practical, but they’re slow to take away as well as set together again.



Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

Cleaning is a really of import affair for an electrical tiddler to ensure the ultimate hygiene of the shaver.

The cleaning method powerfulness live hard for around electrical shavers as well as it tin give notice accept much fourth dimension as well as effort.

But the tiddler Panasonic Arc3 is really is to build clean because of beingness 100% washable.

You tin give notice merely take away the foil as well as plough on the sonic vibration cleaning vogue nether running tap H2O as well as build clean the tiddler without having whatever panic.

The sonic vibration cleaning vogue produces sonic waves to give it extra power.

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Cordless Operation

We Pb the modern life. So everything beside us should live modern.

As it is the most modern electrical razor, the Panasonic arc3 ES81103s tin give notice live used cordless.

You cannot shave amongst when it is plugged in.  So, if you lot forgot to accuse it as well as the battery is dead as well as then this may come upward as a downside.

Panasonic tried for including a quick accuse option, which should accuse the battery amongst plenty priority for a v minutes shave.

Personally, I can’t truly consider this a downside, because as it is a wet/dry electrical shaver, it can’t live used piece charging as a security precaution.


LCD Display

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic makes their electrical tiddler built-in digital LCD display indicates 10-stage battery meter, accuse indicator, sonic vibration cleaning mode, as well as cleaning reminder.

There are around consumers who tell nearly the weak link is LCD concealment where H2O seeps in. Some reviews build clear answers.

They tell that the LCD concealment darkens afterwards a few uses.

This could live an number afterwards the warranty expires. Even if the LCD concealment darkens, but the tiddler volition work.

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Wet as well as Dry

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

This is in all probability whatever one’s favorite feature. The flexibility of this tiddler volition give you lot to exercise a moisture or dry out shave.

Every homo has their ain choice. Some of them experience okay amongst dry out shaving since they don’t receive got the fourth dimension to apply shaving cream.

Others may prefer to moisture shave because they receive got super sensitive pare as well as for this, they demand extra lubrication on their face.

Many of them prefer to shave nether the shower. But inwards this case, you lot receive got to live careful or you lot powerfulness drib the razor.

From other reviews, I receive got heard that a number of people drib their tiddler when they are shaving nether the shower.

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Silt Foil

The silt foil has surfaced the blade to easily grab both curt as well as long hair. For normal blades, lengthy beards are quite hard to catch.

But Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 Electric Shaver tin give notice grab all of them as well as cutting whatever length of beard on your face.


Lithium-ion Battery

The Panasonic ES8103s comes amongst a lithium-ion rechargeable as well as long-lasting battery.

The amount of ability required to recharge the battery is really little. It ensures that the additional ability costs are minimum.

The tiddler tin give notice live fully charged inwards an hour. And in i lawsuit it fully charged, as well as then the tiddler volition function for 45 minutes.

Or you lot tin give notice build fourteen shaving sessions. If you’re inwards a hurry, in that location is a Quick Charge choice which allows you lot to merely accuse the tiddler inwards v minutes.

Then you’ll receive got plenty ability inwards your tiddler to in conclusion for a unmarried shave.


Shaving Performance of Panasonic ES8103S

Many electrical shavers were notorious for pulling out pilus rather than cutting them off fro Panasonic Arc3  ES8103S Electric Shaver Review

As this is the primary argue why you lot demand to purchase an electrical tiddler inwards the showtime place, everything problematic issues come upward downwards to this exceptional department of this Panasonic  Arc3 ES8103S review.

If nosotros compared to around of the best electrical shavers available on the market, the shaving experience provided past times this tiddler is miles ahead.

In every unmarried time, it is really easy, totally effortless, as well as the results are highly impressive.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 straight off offers you an extremely unopen shave inwards a unmarried stroke.

And it’s without whatever experiencing pilus pulling or irritation. This tiddler cuts the smallest of pilus as well as is perfect for regular use easily.

Some features build your shaving a convenient as well as quick experience, similar the Sonic Vibration Cleaning Mode, Waterproof design, Pop-Up Trimmer, and LCD Display etc.

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Consumer Reviews of Panasonic ES8103s

Many consumers tell that this tiddler is quite smoothen as well as quiet. They also tell that the tiddler makes shaving thence easier as well as a lot quicker.

This is a adept selection for this form of man, who wants to go out of dwelling solid early. And it also makes an ideal selection for traveling.

Some of them tell that the tiddler is quite slow to job nether the shower as well as also really slow to clean.


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The Panasonic ES8103s Arc3 comes amongst 2 years warranty. You volition live glad to know that, they also give a 30-day coin dorsum guarantee.

This electrical tiddler is built to satisfy the needs of modern men.

Personally, I am certain that, it’ll impress you lot amongst its amazing performance.

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Where Can You Buy This?

Panasonic is a well-known build all over the world. In every city, in that location volition live i of to a greater extent than showrooms of Panasonic products. You tin give notice straight purchase it from there.

Or you lot tin give notice purchase it online from Amazon. Which is 100% security as well as fourth dimension saving for you. Follow our provided link buttons to purchase this production from Amazon.


Final Thoughts

Panasonic ES8103s Arc3 tiddler does non hold off thence much attractive but it volition live able to attain your satisfaction.

Panasonic ES8103 does non receive got a cleaning as well as charging base of operations itself. If you lot desire you lot tin give notice purchase separately or you lot tin give notice exercise also a manual clean.

Some in conclusion thoughts as well as recommendation overall. The Panasonic  Arc3 ES8103s is highly recommended as well as it gets a thumbs upward for me.

Great shaver, groovy shaving experience, quite comparable to around of the other come about build similar Braun serial 7 and serial 9.

Enjoy the convenience of a quick shaving machine using dry out functioning or job moisture amongst foam or gel for a smoothen shave.

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  • It is allowing for wet/dry shaving.
  • Use amongst shaving gel/foam: So, best i for the sensitive skin.
  • The trimmer for precise trimming of mustache, sideburns etc.
  • It is non as expensive as other shavers.
  • The tiddler allows cleaning mood to build effectively keeping the tiddler caput build clean overnice as well as easy.
  • Pivoting Head: It is for maximum comfort as well as slow to follow the contours of the face.
  • LCD Display: This chance build slow to run into when battery getting low
  • Dual voltage: Dual voltage is convenient when you lot are traveling.



  • Cost of Replacement Parts: Upkeep tin give notice live expensive. (You receive got to supercede the caput every year, as well as blades afterwards 2 years)
  • Noisy: This device is a trivial noisy.

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