Panasonic Es2216pc Electrical Womens Fry Review

There are many types of electrical shavers on the market, thus getting a decent shave present is non a hard thing. Since at that spot are thus many well-made shavers as well as high character peel attention products, choosing a practiced electrical fry is a daunting task.  But when you lot larn a practiced guideline, it volition hold out easy. So this review is nearly Panasonic ES2216PC which is a consummate preparation parcel for women.

It’s a multi-functional electrical fry for women specially for bikini area, underarms as well as leg hairs. It tin hold out used both moisture as well as dry. Powered past times lithium ion battery as well as of it may hold out the perfect selection for you.


What is inwards the Box???

There are many types of electrical shavers on the marketplace Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Womens Shaver Review

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After opening the package, you lot volition find-

  • Panasonic ES2216PC electrical fry itself
  • An adjustable trimmer head
  • A universal air conditioning adapter
  • Foil protective cap
  • A cleaning brush
  • A user manual

There is no travel instance or storage bag. But it’s pocket-sized enough, for that you lot tin easily lay it inwards whatsoever medium size bag. That’s why it’s non a big problem. Let’s run across all the features as well as specifications of the Panasonic ES2216PC electrical women’s shaver.


Wet as well as Dry

The Panasonic ES2216PC women electrical fry tin hold out used both moisture as well as dry out as well as it is 100% immersible.

Even when you lot apply it on your dry out skin, at that spot volition hold out no variation of comfort.

Perfect for fast trim when fourth dimension is short. It’s a consummate parcel of perfect women’s grooming.

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Ultra-sharp Blades

This women’s electrical fry (leg, underarm, as well as bikini) is engineered amongst iv ultra abrupt blades every bit good every bit dual, ultra sparse foils for highest closeness as well as comfort.

This fry delivers fast shave as well as it glides effortlessly. The pivoting shaving caput tin follow every contours of trunk as well as easily reach inwards hard areas.


Hypoallergenic Stainless Steel Blades

The Panasonic ES2216PC women electrical fry is made amongst high quality, hypoallergenic stainless steel blades.

These blades are non alone practiced for the unopen shave but also they tin render irritation gratis shaving as well as trimming. T

he manufacturer claims that this women electrical fry is specially made for sensitive skin.


Pop-up Trimmer

There are many types of electrical shavers on the marketplace Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Womens Shaver Review

Panasonic added a built-in popup trimmer inwards the Panasonic ES2216PC shaver.

The trimmer is useful for trimming long hairs as well as trims the hairs where shaving is inappropriate.

There are multi-height settings for bikini area, leg as well as underarms.

The trimmer of this Panasonic electrical fry tin directly take away long as well as stubborn pilus from anywhere inwards the body.

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Slim as well as Feminine Design

The fry Panasonic ES2216PC is designed for cordless usage as well as it is rattling slim as well as lightweight.

Since slim as well as low-cal weight, afterwards belongings for a long time, at that spot volition hold out no hurting inwards mitt as well as naturally fits inwards either hand.

For its sleek as well as ergonomic profile, the handgrip lay on shaving as well as trimming command fifty-fifty nether the shower.


Flexible Pivoting Head

There are many types of electrical shavers on the marketplace Panasonic ES2216PC Electric Womens Shaver Review

Panasonic engineered the Panasonic ES2216pc ladies fry amongst a multi-flex pivoting head.

The flexible pivoting caput glides effortlessly over the peel as well as easily tin follow each contour of the peel like- legs, bikini areas, arms.

Thus it tin capture whatsoever variety of pilus of the trunk to ensure super smoothness of shaving.


100% Washable

The Panasonic fry ES2216PC is 100% waterproof.

So you lot tin usage it nether H2O as well as it volition non aspect upwards whatsoever H2O causing problem.

Cleaning upwards this Panasonic ES2216PC women electrical fry is but a affair of seconds.

Just agree the fry nether the warm, running water.

After cleaning, permit it completely dry out as well as construct clean it thoroughly afterwards every use.

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Basically for whom it is?

The Panasonic ES2216PC unopen curves women’s electrical fry is for those women who similar to remain primp.

Although, no statutory dominion has been given that alone women tin usage this shaver, but its primary characteristics are what go far marketable for the ladies.

For its sleek as well as feminine appearance as well as pinkish packing, it clearly indicates that it is for girls.

Panasonic claims that the ES2216PC is perfect for woman mortal groomers.

For its sleek blueprint as well as size, it tin hold out easily grabbed past times hand.

The Panasonic ES2216PC is basically made for all peel types as well as women of all types.

It provides a polish shave on dissimilar parts of the women’s body.

It is a perfect tool for women who are e’er busy.

Since the fry is pocket-sized inwards size, it is rattling portable as well as provides a quick as well as polish shave anytime anywhere.

It’s specially made for the bikini area.


Built Quality

Panasonic advertises that their Panasonic ES2216PC fry tin hold out used both moisture as well as dry; it has plenty attachments for the entire body.

It is suitable for move due to its long battery life as well as cordless operation, but at that spot is no storage handbag amongst this package.

You demand to purchase a storage handbag for this.

Although this fry is competitive as well as extra expensive, buyers are yet cautious earlier buying anything.

You volition larn electrical fry of dissimilar models of dissimilar companies of the same price.

But inwards the average-priced device, this Panasonic ES2216PC unopen curves women’s electrical fry is to a greater extent than than suitable for users amongst diverse inwards the budget.

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Battery Life

The Panasonic ES2216PC unopen fold women’s electrical fry is powered past times a rechargeable battery.

This battery takes 12 hours to larn fully charged.

The manufacturer recommended charging i time a week.

Once fully charged, you lot tin usage it thirty minutes cordless.


The Bikini attachment

When you lot agree this attachment, it feels company inwards the hand. There are many non-slip grip, curves as well as mortise.

The multiple trim lengths setting are for multiple pilus length cutting.

For this characteristic you lot volition larn a painful tugging gratis cut.


Cleaning as well as Maintenance

The manufacturer recommended that for ameliorate performance, the user stimulate got to construct clean the fry afterwards every use, as well as of course, construct clean the fry amongst liquid soap.

Cleaning afterwards every use, keeps your fry odour as well as bacteria free.

After completely cleaning permit them air dry out (inner blades, outer foil).

Note: The manufacturer recommended for non using hot water.


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Replacement parts

There are ii replacement parts – the inner blades as well as outer foil frame.

Inner bladesthe manufacturer recommended that, the user stimulate got to supervene upon this component at to the lowest degree once every ii years.

Outer foilthis component stimulate got to supervene upon once every year.

To maintain your shaver’s cutting performance, supervene upon the parts fourth dimension to fourth dimension as well as usage it carefully.



Panasonic gives 2 years of warranty for this product.

If it does non piece of work good for whatsoever internal error, Panasonic consumer marketing fellowship volition repair your production amongst novel or redecorate parts.

Important: This warranty does non comprehend if your production damages for lack of proper care, inappropriate usage or accident.



A high character production ordinarily comes from several generations. Before when nosotros used a traditional razor, it cuts to a greater extent than peel than hair.

Now nosotros stimulate got high criterion electrical shavers to complain nearly those days.

Recent studies stimulate got shown that dissimilar types of peel problems tin tumble out if non shaved properly similar – peel inflammations, serious infections.

A prophylactic fry is a must for the skin, specially for the sensitive skin.

Since the Panasonic ES2216PC electrical fry tin hold out used both moisture as well as dry, the users tin larn prophylactic shaving performance amongst or without shaving gel or foam.

Anyway, this Panasonic women electrical fry ES2216PC is i of the reputable manufacturing; if someone takes attention of it properly it volition final for a long time.

The alone drawback at that spot is no storage bag, but this work tin hold out easily solved past times buying a split upwards deport pouch.

If you lot compare the same production amongst the same toll thus this production volition hold out on top. Its performance as well as appearance falls inside the average.

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  • It tin hold out used both moisture as well as dry.
  • The iv blades render rattling unopen as well as comfortable as well as construct clean shave inwards all the parts.
  • Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Gently movement on the skin.
  • Easy as well as fast cleaning.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Pop upwards trimmer for long hair.
  • The pivoting caput tin follow every contour of body.



  • Battery ability gradually reduces.
  • The battery takes 12 hours for fully charged.
  • There is no move or storage bag.

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