Panasonic Es3831k Electrical Move Tike Review

We demand a move nestling when don’t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device. Currently, the Panasonic ES3831K is 1 of the most pop move shavers on the marketplace in addition to many customers receive got dissimilar feedback most this product. It cannot give yous thence much unopen shave similar the premium shavers similar Braun Series 9 or Panasonic Arc5 but it is a bearable in addition to inexpensive compact nestling for an instant solution.

Let’s know most this production why is it likewise popular-

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What is inwards the Box???

  • The Panasonic ES3831k move shaver
  • A protective cap
  • One modest cleaning brush
  • User’s guide in addition to several booklets

It is of import to cite that the paperwork included amongst this modest nestling is 1 of the most comprehensive I receive got seen thence far: user’s guide, cleaning elements, nestling registration, the warranty card, the replacement parts, goods leaflet.

You volition encounter that the replacement parts are separately listed on a canvas of a newspaper within the user’s guide.

The get-go fourth dimension yous volition instruct 2 AA batteries in addition to adjacent fourth dimension yous demand to purchase them from outside(available inwards whatsoever confectionary or stationery store close you) in addition to also it recommend yous to purchase a travel instance with it.  You receive got to purchase these items separately in addition to these are quite inexpensive.

You demand to purchase a travel case separately amongst simply about extra coin as Panasonic does non give it amongst the shaver.


Panasonic ES3831K inwards Brief

  • It comes amongst a durable motor
  • It looks really sleek in addition to gives a comfortable shave which volition live easily fit on your hand
  • The motor speed is- 8,500 RPM.
  • The inner blade angle is -78 degree

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Mythical Workmanship

The Japanese fine art of crafting is extremely precipitous in addition to stable blade.

The Panasonic ES3831K move nestling is made amongst state-of-the-art blade technology.

The upshot is the precision blades of remarkable mightiness in addition to performance.


The Precision Single Blade System

t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

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The Panasonic ES3831K move nestling comes amongst a floating unmarried blade system.

This stainless steel blade is founded at an optimum 78-degree angle in addition to guide hold on nether a floating caput amongst an extreme-thin super-soft stainless steel foil.

The motor speed is 8500 RPM, the blades tin sideslip in addition to follow automatically to the isolate contour of your confront as good the foil for a closer, gratify shaving experience.


Pleasant in addition to Ergonomic Design

t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

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The nestling weight is 5.4 ounces, thence this nestling volition live easily fit inwards your hand.

The sure-touch arrangement of Panasonic ES3831K yous tin command as yous shave fifty-fifty when yous volition shave nether the shower.


100% Washable, Easy Cleaning

t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

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This nestling is totally washable inwards H2O in addition to slow to create clean in addition to maintain.

For a quick in addition to hygienic cleaning, simply guide hold the nestling caput nether the running warm H2O for a rinse.

You tin create clean foil in addition to blades inwards the same way.

You volition instruct a cleaning brush for slow clean, evacuate freaky pilus fragment in addition to soap, foam in addition to gel surplus.


The Panasonic ES3831K is Travel Ready

This nestling is really lightweight than other similar shavers in addition to yous volition demand to purchase the identical move pouch amongst the shaver.

The move nestling in addition to move pouch fit easily into the daypack, gym bags, luggage, in addition to preparation kits.

So, this nestling is really suitable for traveling in addition to it makes easier shave piece traveling.


For Wet/Dry Use

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You tin exercise a moisture shave or a dry out shave past times the Panasonic ES3831K.

When yous volition exercise a moisture shave yous tin also usage shaving gel, foam, lather fifty-fifty yous tin exercise nether the shower, which may suit yous best.


Built character of Panasonic ES3831K

The Panasonic ES3831K move shaver’s weight is really low-cal but it doesn’t aspect lightweight when yous volition encounter from images.

Braun M90 is simply about other pop move nestling if yous compare the Panasonic ES3831K amongst Braun M90; the Panasonic is slightly smaller inwards length in addition to thicker than Braun M90.

The Panasonic ES3831K passes the portability test, this nestling volition live able to fit within whatsoever luggage.

I receive got been fascinated amongst the create character of Panasonic shavers fifty-fifty the entry-level once.

This nestling is made of high-quality plastic in addition to it feels solid.

There are no uneven hole or swell sounds when yous volition steadily guide hold inwards the hand.

Basically, the forepart on the nestling is characteristic the ON/OFF slider. There is no switch or button, when yous volition switch the nestling on/off the whole glossy fascia slides forward.

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Features Overview

The Panasonic ES3831K has a smart access to view a move lock similar the Braun M90.

Situated on the ON/OFF slider at that spot is a mini knob that must live confused, or else it won’t slide forward.

These appointments receive got been implemented on older three blade Panasonic electrical shavers in addition to its surgical operation is adept enough.

It is a elementary in addition to proficient solution.

The dark in addition to the sides of this nestling are fantabulous much bare without for the left side that characteristics the foil frame unloosen button.

On the bottom of the shaver, yous volition encounter a battery cover, twist it to open.

The principal divergence betwixt Braun M90 in addition to the Panasonic ES3831K is the comprehend of M90 beingness attached amongst its torso for that yous won’t misplace it.

The protective cap snaps really safely into house in addition to protects yous from abrupt organic shocks.

The nestling shape, its lightweight, ergonomics in addition to compact ranks instruct inwards really slow to maneuver.  It volition easily fit inwards your hand.

Only the negative purpose is, I recall that the satin ending applied for the entire torso of the nestling could offering a trivial chip improve grip.

For example, the Braun M90 used a security that feels to a greater extent than secure than the Panasonic ES3831K.

Finally, at that spot is no pop-up trimmer amongst the Panasonic ES3831K.

Although nosotros should non aspect a pop-up-trimmer from an inexpensive nestling similar this the Braun M90 has pop-up-trimmer.

There is a genuinely an choice nestling in addition to this is ES3833, which comes inwards argent in addition to a characteristic pilus trimmer, but this 1 is mini pricey for a move nestling in addition to it is out of stock everywhere.

Battery in addition to Battery Life

t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

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The Panasonic ES3831K nestling is operated past times 2 regular AA batteries.

For this review I had to usage the Panasonic ES3831K for almost twenty days, I did non deplete the 2 batteries, thence I desire to say that a unmarried yoke battery volition live final longer.

Unfortunately, you won’t know when the battery juice volition live run out because at that spot is no depression battery LED notification.

The battery comprehend is adjoined amongst a spinning latch, seamlessly compacted into it.

To unlock the comprehend yous must receive got to twist it ninety degrees clockwise, straight off simply describe to take it.

When yous insert the novel batteries yous must receive got to rejoin the battery comprehend in addition to thence twist the cap ninety degrees clockwise to lock in addition to everything volition live set.


Shaving surgical operation of Panasonic ES3831K

t desire to ship simply about extra charge in addition to also desire a freaky modest device Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver Review

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So how is its shaving performance???

I receive got used this nestling for almost 1 calendar month as my principal shaver.

Generally, I tested a nestling 1.5/2 month, since it is a move nestling thence I decided that it volition movement in addition to volition just replicate how most men volition live using this shaver.

Shaving amongst the Panasonic ES3831K has non entirely adept parts but also bad parts.

Let’s know what are the advantages in addition to disadvantages.



  • 1st of all I desire to say, it is 1 of the most potent move shavers which I receive got tried thence far. The 8500 CPM motor of Panasonic ES3831K is for sure got to a greater extent than cutting mightiness if yous compare amongst other pop battery operated compact shavers. You tin experience in addition to caput the cutting sound.
  • I was able to destination my shaves faster than my expected fourth dimension period.
  • After my extended use, the foil stays perfectly cool.
  • The shaving comfort is genuinely adept amongst no mentionable discomfort apart from simply about episodic pinching.
  • On my brusk stubble, the Panasonic managed to shave really humbly. The closeness of this nestling is non similar a full-fledged shaver, but it is withal satisfactory. Closeness cannot live a potent betoken for a move shaver.
  • Where many move shavers failed, the Panasonic ES3831K did quite good. It is unexpected fast in addition to the shave is quite comfortable.
  • The Panasonic ES3831K is best for the brusk facial pilus for daily use. If your beard increment is irksome in addition to the hairs remain to stand upwardly direct in addition to thence yous should instruct away amongst shaving less oftentimes in addition to withal instruct a humble output.

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  • When yous shave longer pilus in addition to lay apartment pilus similar cervix pilus yous volition receive got to confront a trivial chip problems. When I tried it to shave every other 24-hour interval I had to confront major problems amongst the hairs that were laying downward on my neck, it does non thing how many fourth dimension it takes, in addition to thence I tried going over those parts.
  • Aftershave I had to confront many pare problems similar razor burn, pimple, in addition to redness peculiarly on my cervix expanse in addition to on the upper lip. There was simply about mortifying along amongst the rash that inwards the terminate dissolved later 2 hours. As my pare is sensitive, for that I had to confront these pare problems. If your pare is non sensitive yous may or may non experience this.
  • Now, most the closeness? I experience adept on my cheeks, but inwards my thick pilus areas like, on the neck, inwards a higher house my upper lip, it could live better.
  • Once, the Panasonic ES3831K is plenty for a move shaver, but if yous compare it amongst the Panasonic Arc3 it is non thence good.
  • If the closeness is a thing to you, I recall yous should improve to usage a premium Electric nestling similar Braun Series 9, Braun Series 7 or Panasonic Arc5 electrical shaver
  • One of the highlights most The Panasonic ES3831K is the wet/dry feature, which agency that inwards the shower it is usable or yous tin usage it amongst the shaving gel & cream.


My Opinion

I did moisture shave amongst my favorite shaving gel, I noticed that at that spot was an improvement on shaving comfort but the closeness is similar dry out shave.

The razor give the sack in addition to the painful sensation were minimized.

So it could live a solution for sensitive skin.

Reviewing a move nestling is non thence slow inwards the sense I must exclude myself from comparison it to a full-fledged razor. It is fully illogical.

Panasonic ES3831K volition give yous a decent performance, but if yous encounter the Alternative shaving products yous tin realize that it is non the best inwards class.

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Way to Clean in addition to Maintain

It is thence much slow to create clean this move shaver.

In fact, yous tin create clean this nestling thoroughly within 1 minute.

You volition instruct a cleaning brush amongst this nestling but I would strongly advise yous that when yous volition create clean the shaver, usage liquid lather in addition to rinse it amongst warm tap water.

Since this nestling is 100% waterproof thence at that spot is no gamble to live damaged past times water.

But when yous volition adjoin all the parts yous must receive got to dry out them.

After shaving, yous demand to press the take push clit to unloosen the foil frame in addition to create clean it.

Then adjoin the frame in addition to foil dorsum on the shaver, usage a chip of liquid lather in addition to H2O on the foil in addition to thence plough it on.

After that, permit the nestling run for fifteen to twenty sec.

Now plough the nestling off in addition to apart from the foil frame from the shaver, rinse it past times the warm running water, the inner blade in addition to nestling create clean the same way, in addition to thence permit them completely dry out amongst a towel.

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Replacement Parts

When your foil in addition to the inner blade volition live damaged, yous receive got to supervene upon these parts in addition to this thing goes a chip sour.

The Panasonic WES9979P inner blade in addition to foilwith a cheap, compact nestling similar the Panasonic ES3831K, yous volition sometimes come upwardly across this type of strange conditions.

As an instance the Remington R95, the replacement purpose is non available. This is almost the same reason- The parts buying cost is to a greater extent than than the whole shaver, thence it volition live improve to purchase simply about other shaver.

For this reason, I would advise yous when the replacement blade volition damage, purchase a novel nestling in addition to bask the novel surgical operation instead of replacement panic.


Final Word

If yous are agreeing to compromise on surgical operation for portability in addition to cost savings in addition to your answer is yes, in addition to thence the Panasonic ES3831K is 1 of the improve move shavers for the outing.

When yous desire to purchase an inexpensive nestling in addition to the surgical operation is reasonably good (compared past times other products inwards this class) in addition to 1 that yous tin throw it whatsoever types of toiletry bag, in addition to and thence the ES3831K is best for you.

If the surgical operation in addition to closeness is the thing to you, in addition to thence yous should improve to aspect for simply about some other shaving products I said before.

I would rather compromise a chip of extra infinite inwards my toiletry pocketbook in addition to convey along a proper razor.

The closeness of shaver, pathetic surgical operation when yous volition shave your longer hairs, without trimmer in addition to sub-optimal comfort destruct the shaving experience amongst pretty much all shavers I receive got used.

If most of these defects are non thing to yous or yous simply desire a portable nestling for quick touch-ups in addition to thence I volition recommend yous that the ES3831K drib dead along inwards your consideration.

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Alternative Products


Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

The Panasonic ES3831K is similar to Braun M90 inwards many regards similar price, dimensions. After using both of them my persuasion is that the Braun M90 is overall a improve nestling than this.

#For These Reasons:

  • The closeness- the Braun M90 is withal a basic bearable nestling but the surgical operation cannot agree amongst an advanced shaver, but it gives me ca loser shave than the Panasonic ES3831K.
  • It is to a greater extent than comfortable- I also experience simply about discomfort later shaving past times M90 but it is less than this Panasonic razor.
  • The built quality- I am genuinely impressed amongst its built quality. Especially most the cost range. The ES3831K also a adept production but the M90 is stronger, refined in addition to to a greater extent than secure grip.
  • Design- the rotating cap that acts as a vivid move lock, the cleaning brush in addition to the battery comprehend of M90 that stays attached to its body.
  • Hair trimmer- at that spot is a pop-up pilus trimmer amongst the Braun M90. But at that spot is no pop-up trimmer inwards ES3831K. So it’s a great feature.

When yous volition shave your apartment lying hairs the Braun M90 in addition to Panasonic ES3831K are as bad.

The Braun M90 is trivial pricey than Panasonic ES3831K.

View Full Review of Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


Braun M-60 Mobile Shaver

Braun M90 in addition to Braun M60 are almost the same. There 2 differences betwixt them.

  1. Braun M-60 is semi-transparent bluish color in addition to Braun M-90 is dark color.
  2. There is no pilus trimmer with Braun M-60

If yous don’t demand a pilus trimmer yous should purchase The Braun M-60 because the cost of it is almost one-half of the Braun M90.


Philips Norelco PQ208

If yous desire to purchase a rotary nestling yous receive got simply about other as pop choice from Philips Norelco, it is Philips Norelco PQ208.

Another yell of this nestling is Philips Norelco Shaver 510.

You volition get- Philips Norelco nestling 510, protective cap, cleaning brush, 2 AA batteries inwards the box.

  • Gives a create clean shave
  • There are self-sharpening blades for the unopen shave
  • The nestling caput tin independently follow every contour of your face
  • Rotary type blade
  • 60 min running time