Philips Go Tike Norelco Pq208 / Xl Review

Electric modest is best for shaving but it is a piddling fighting expensive. And some electrical modest is non perfect for traveling. For that, nosotros demand to discovery a move modest which volition give the exact functioning similar electrical shavers. If y’all desire a move modest inside a reasonable price, the Phillips move modest Norelco PQ208 is an selection for you. This modest does non come upwards amongst lots of settings but the uncomplicated functions of it tin hit your mind. The blades are self-sharpening that volition give y’all a unopen shave. Another refer of this modest is Philips Norelco Shaver 510.

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What is inwards the Box???

  • Phillips Norelco move modest 510
  • 1 protective cap
  • 1 cleaning brush
  • 2AA batteries


Philips Travel Shaver PQ208 inwards Brief:

  • This modest volition supply y’all a build clean shave on-the-go
  • The blades are self-sharpening for a unopen shave
  • The blades tin independently follow every contour of your face
  • You volition teach upwards to 60min cordless shave
  • The blades are- Rotary type
  • There are ii AA batteries included amongst this package
  • Full ii years warranty
  • 45 days coin dorsum guarantee


Battery Life

Electric modest is best for shaving but it is a piddling fighting expensive Philips Travel Shaver Norelco PQ208 / xl Review

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The Phillips move modest Norelco pq208 comes amongst ii AA batteries. The batteries are non rechargeable.

So when the battery ability volition survive dead, y’all receive got to supersede them.

There is no specific fourth dimension menses that how many days the batteries volition supply the modest running juice.

This truly depends on your shaving habit.

The AA batteries are available anywhere fifty-fifty inwards the nearest full general shop.


Built Quality

Generally, move modest does non come upwards amongst lots of settings.

A Travel modest made amongst uncomplicated settings for the basic demand of shaving.

The Phillips move modest Norelco pq208 is fully dark colored as well as characteristic alone ii master copy button-ON/OFF.

There is no ability setting inwards the shaver.

The ii around blades are self-sharpen as well as supply y’all a unopen shave.

This modest is alone made for dry out use, thence y’all cannot utilisation shaving gel, cream fifty-fifty y’all cannot moisture your beard.

The Philips pq208 is really lightweight alone 5.6 ounces.

So it is really piece of cake to agree the modest for a long time.

The Philips move modest pq208 comes amongst a protective cap; this cap volition protect the blades from precipitous damage.

But at that topographic point is no move lock arrangement similar Braun M90.

Even at that topographic point is no trimmer amongst Philips pq208. But I think, the uncomplicated setting of Phillips tin able to hit your satisfaction.

The modest made alone for dry out use, thence when y’all volition survive on a tour, y’all won’t demand to comport shaving gel, cream or soap.

Being dry out using modest cleaning is really easy. No demand to build clean it thoroughly.

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Performance of Philips Travel Shaver PG208

I receive got been using shavers from Phillips Norelco Brand for 5+ years. I am truly really happy amongst this brand. Now I am using Philips Norelco MG7100.

But I receive got to teach to move almost every calendar month for my job.

So it is non possible to ship such every bit large package.

So I visited the Phillips website, for searching for a move modest at a reasonable toll as well as I saw the Philips pq208 as well as its review.

After using the modest for the 1st time, I was pleased amongst its performance. I receive got been using this modest for 10 months, still, it gives me pleasurable performance.

I did non demand to supersede the blades until now.

If your beard is thick, the modest doesn’t give thence much closer shave as well as run slightly slower.

Otherwise, everything is ok.


Way to Cleaning

Cleaning is really piece of cake as well as simple.

The modest has been made for the dry out shave. So y’all don’t receive got to build clean it thoroughly.

1st opened upwards the modest caput as well as brush the caput area, as well as then tap it.

Just rinse the using expanse as well as afterwards cleaning, allow it dry.

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Replacement Part

The manufacturer recommended replacing the blades i time a year.

The replacement blades are available inwards the Phillips website as well as also on Amazon.

But I intend nosotros don’t demand to supersede the blades earlier the blades existence damaged.

It tin survive afterwards 12 months or earlier 12months.

Replacement is slightly costly but it is meliorate than purchase a novel one.

After replacement the blades, it volition piece of work similar before.

The replacement blades for the Phillips PQ208 move modest are Norelco HQ56.

And y’all receive got to supersede the AA batteries when they teach dead which are available anywhere fifty-fifty your nearest shop.


Customer’s Rating

Personally, I am happy amongst its performance. But at that topographic point are many customers who are non happy.

Let’s know some admires as well as objections yesteryear the customers of Philips pq208



  • Perfect for travel
  • Easy cleaning
  • It is an fantabulous move shaver



  • It is non plenty strong
  • Cannot supply a unopen shave
  • It could survive meliorate quality

Customer’s rating is on average, 4.2 stars out of v (

The customers who give 1, 2, three stars I don’t know what has happened to them.

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What Type of Travel Shaver nosotros Should Use???

Travel modest amongst regular battery- if y’all purchase a move modest amongst the regular battery, it volition survive really piece of cake to ship it.

Because it is a unmarried cutting musical instrument as well as the battery is available anywhere.

Electric move modest – when y’all volition convey an electrical move modest amongst you, y’all also receive got to ship ability cord, cleaning elements, as well as something to a greater extent than instruments.

By chance, if y’all forget to convey the ability cord amongst you, your modest volition survive useless.

So I volition recommend y’all for a move modest amongst regular batteries.

But if y’all purchase a move modest for regular use, it volition survive meliorate to purchase an electrical shaver.


What Should We Consider When Buy a Travel Shaver?

  1. Travel lock/protective cap – inwards my opinion, this characteristic is really important. Because without a move lock/ protective cap at that topographic point is the jeopardy of simulated settings. If your modest is foil shaver, it is really sensitive to mechanical shocks.

  1. The batteries receive got to survive replaceable- the replaceable batteries are really inexpensive as well as these are available everywhere. You don’t demand to ship extra ability cord.

  1. Lightweight – when y’all purchase a move modest y’all receive got to survive careful nigh its weight. Lightweight volition survive piece of cake to carry.

  1. Worldwide voltage – if your move modest does non come upwards amongst regular batteries, inwards this province of affairs y’all receive got to survive certain every bit if the battery has an automatic universal voltage converter (100volt- 240volt)

  1. Pleasurable functioning as well as inexpensive toll – performance wise, y’all cannot compare a move modest amongst an electrical shaver. You receive got to compare the shaving functioning amongst other move shavers.

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  • The modest is little as well as lightweight (only 5.6 ounces)
  • The blades are plenty sharp
  • It is really piece of cake to use
  • Provides a smoothen finishing
  • This modest is meliorate than the foil shaver
  • You tin utilisation this modest regularly
  • Great shaving functioning for stubble
  • The battery life is good



  • It is non thence practiced for long as well as thick beard
  • Some areas it takes multiple passes
  • It is non for moisture utilisation as well as non waterproof
  • Too much pressure level during shaving, a possibility of razor burn



The Phillips move modest Norelco 510 is plenty practiced for traveling at a reasonable price.

It gave me a notable output.

So I volition recommend y’all to purchase it every bit a move shaver.

You tin also utilisation it every bit your regular modest inwards your abode as well as office.

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Some Relevant Questions 

Are the batteries rechargeable?

  • No. the modest comes amongst 2AA batteries when the batteries volition run out y’all receive got to supersede novel batteries. These batteries are available inwards whatever local store as well as Amazon too.

Can I utilisation shaving cream/gel inwards shaving time?

  • No. this modest is alone for dry out use.

Which set down is the beginning of this shaver?

  • This modest is made inwards China

Does it come upwards amongst popup trimmer?

  • No.

Can I utilisation it at underarm?

  • This move modest is made alone for beard, stubble, alone for your basic need. It volition piece of work inwards the underarm expanse but the output won’t survive satisfactory.

Here are my pros as well as cons nigh this shaver.

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Alternative Products

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

About this product:

  • Foil type shaver
  • Engineered amongst move lock system
  • This modest is powered yesteryear 2AA regular batteries
  • There is an integrated trimmer. This characteristic is really rare inwards move shavers
  • Fully waterproof. So y’all tin easily launder it nether the running water
  • There is a cleaning brush amongst the shaver. This brush is situated on the dorsum of the shaver
  • Solid built quality, which volition build y’all experience similar an expensive shaver
  • It is a piddling fighting expensive than Phillips PQ208
  • Lightweight- 6.84 ounces

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Panasonic ES3831K Travel shaver

About this product:

  • Panasonic ES3831K comes amongst 8500 linear motor
  • Made for wet/dry use. You tin also utilisation shaving cream, gel for enhancing shaving comfort
  • Fully washable
  • Travel lock system
  • Powered yesteryear regular 2AA batteries
  • This modest is i of the cheapest move shavers
  • This modest is cheaper than Braun M90 as well as practiced plenty every bit a move shaver.

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