Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 Bt3210/41 Review

Beard trimmer is a real of import tool for men’s grooming. But finding a slap-up trimmer would live a difficult draw of piece of work for y’all when y’all do non receive got whatever experience over all the trimmers inward the market. Today nosotros are going to part our experience over an electrical trimmer which could rest inward your selection listing as well as this is the Philips Norelco 3000 BT3210/41. This is real affordable but character beard trimming car though. We are sharing our lots of researches as well as experiences alongside the pros as well as cons of the Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 BT3210/41.


What is inward The Box???

  • Phillips Norelco serial 3000 beard trimmer itself
  • 1 beard comb-lift as well as cut adjustable comb
  • Travel pouch
  • Cleaning brush
  • AC adapter

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The Quick Facts

If y’all are inward a hurry, hither are approximately quick facts nigh the trimmer.

The Philips Norelco Trimmer Series 3000 BT3210/41 is a combination of regular stubble trimmer alongside a caput attachment.

There are 10 length settings trough bike rotator on the trimmer body.


About This Product

  • There are 10 adjustable length settings enhancements- 3/64’’ (1mm).
  • It comes alongside a Lithium-Ion battery
  • It volition render y’all alongside xc minutes of cordless use
  • There are a elevator as well as cut comb, past times every laissez passer on which volition capture to a greater extent than low-lying hairs
  • The blades are peel friendly as well as give y’all polish as well as comfortable trim
  • Cleaning is real easy
  • 2 years warranty

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Built Quality of Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000

Phillips Norelco serial 3000 is 1 of the most pop beard trimmers. The weight of this trimmer is exclusively 11.2 ounces.

So y’all tin empathise it is real calorie-free weighty beard trimmer.

It looks hence fashionable as well as simple.  For its lightweight, it tin easily agree inward your hand.

The grip traveling pocket is made of rubber as well as plastic.

So y’all won’t experience hurting on your manus fifty-fifty at that topographic point is no jeopardy of abrupt sideslip from your hand.

The Duel-cut technology blades are able to cutting as well as cut fast. The blades are self-sharpening, hence y’all don’t take to occupation oil.

The blades are skin-friendly hence at that topographic point is no jeopardy of peel scratching as well as irritations.

In front end of the trimmer, y’all volition run across at that topographic point is an ON/OFF slider.  And y’all volition also run across the 10 length setting of hair on the front end side.

The Norelco 3000 is able to cut your pilus upward to 0.5mm-10mm.

This trimmer is non waterproof. But all the attachments are washable. Cleaning is hence much tardily through the niggling cleaning brush.

The Phillips Norelco beard trimmer 3000 is able to grip whatever type of pilus fifty-fifty the thick hair.

The elevator as well as cut comb of Norelco 3000 volition capture to a greater extent than pilus past times every pass.

You don’t receive got to worry nigh mortise, cuts or other horrible mishaps when the adjustable comb cuts the hair.

Just cut speedily alongside confidence fifty-fifty when the trimmer at the lowest setting.

Finally, I desire to tell the trimmer’s built character is practiced plenty according to its cost range.

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Key Features

Now nosotros are here, where nosotros are going to know, what Philips Norelco Beard trimmer claims to do. In this section, nosotros volition receive got a closed await at this whole product.


10 Length Settings

You tin cut your pilus inward dissimilar lengths past times this trimmer. Because Phillips Norelco 3000 BT3210/41 comes alongside 10 adjustable length settings- 3/64’’ (1mm).


The Blades are Skin-friendly

The blades are rounded tips that volition contact your peel smoothly. The blades also forestall your peel from scratching as well as whatever sort of irritation.


Lift as well as Trim Comb

The elevator as well as cut comb volition capture to a greater extent than pilus alongside every pass.


Dual-cut Technology Blades

The blades are self-sharpening as well as give y’all a durable performance.

You volition instruct fast as well as fifty-fifty cut past times these 2x to a greater extent than powerful steel blades.


Light Weight

The weight of Phillips Norelco 3000 is real calorie-free exclusively 11.2 ounces.

So y’all tin easily concur as well as command the trimmer.

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Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is real easy, exactly apart from the trimmer caput as well as rinse it nether the running tap.

Let it dry out earlier adjoin it alongside the body. It is non 100% washable but all the attachments are washable.


Battery life

I am actually impressed alongside the battery life of Phillips Norelco serial 3000.

The battery is made alongside Lithium-Ion which volition render y’all alongside xc minutes of piece of work fourth dimension past times 8-hour charge!

The charging fourth dimension does non affair to me but the running actually matters to me.

There is an indicator, past times this organization y’all tin know when the battery is low, empty or fully charged.

When y’all volition accuse the trimmer, the battery indicator becomes green. The indicator lights upward light-green constantly when the battery becomes completely charged.

The running fourth dimension is actually impressive.

If y’all await frontwards to the Phillips other serial like– Phillips Norelco serial 5100, this volition render y’all alongside lxx min corded/cordless occupation past times 1-hour charge.

Phillips Norelco serial 7200 volition render y’all alongside 80 min corded/cordless occupation past times 1-hour charge.

Braun beard trimmer 3020 is approximately other pop trimmer.

If y’all compare the Braun BT3020 alongside Phillips Norelco 3000, the Norelco 3000 will render y’all xc min run fourth dimension past times 8 hours accuse as well as the Braun BT3020 volition render forty min past times 10 hours charge!

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Sleek as well as Clever Design

Beard trimmer is a real of import tool for men Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 BT3210/41 Review

When you’re trimming a beard, y’all won’t receive got to squall back nigh how y’all instruct into the tight corners.

The Philips beard trimmer 3000 comes alongside a sleek blueprint that makes it tardily to handle.

The shaving caput is large plenty to comprehend large areas alongside to a greater extent than quickness. It ensures that it is a real handy device.

If y’all occupation once, y’all volition live a large fan of the textured traveling pocket at the top of the trimmer.

Rest your pollex on this trimmer as well as you’ll keep perfect command over your shave.

Philips fellowship has embedded the mightiness clit into its ain niggling groove. I similar this technique.

This technique agency that there’s a little jeopardy of y’all turning the device mightiness off when you’re inward the middle of a shave.

Cleaning piece of work of the device is also pretty easy. It’s important that y’all are able to build clean it nether running water.

There is 1 as well as the exclusively job comes alongside the head. The little caput has a style to collect the stubble inward the dial every bit y’all shave.

If y’all left it unchecked, this stubble turns into gunk. This is almost impossible to instruct rid of that.

For this, I’d recommend that y’all should rinse the shaving caput nether the tap afterward every trim.

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Way to Cleaning

Beard trimmer is a real of import tool for men Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 BT3210/41 Review

It is real tardily to build clean the trimmer alongside the cleaning brush. Now, I am telling y’all how y’all volition do an tardily build clean past times the cleaning brush.

This 1st of all to clean, take the comb as well as blades are revealed.

Now 1 to a greater extent than grade of cleaning tin live achieved past times removing the blades.

To take the belatedly apply strength against the blades as well as only it comes up.

After removing the blades y’all tin run across the somebody lining on the trimmer trunk as well as y’all take to build clean this expanse real well.

Cleaning of this expanse is real essential hence that hairs do non mingle alongside this portion as well as it tin crusade a disturbance inward the motion, which tin live reducing the efficiency of cutting.

After cleaning y’all receive got to supervene upon the blades as well as comb.

Now to supervene upon the blades dorsum border inward the trimmer, as well as hence press as well as y’all volition listen a click as well as nosotros are cook for action.

After replacing the blades y’all tin apply the comb back.

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The Extras

Beard trimmer is a real of import tool for men Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 BT3210/41 Review

The extra which comes alongside the trimmer is non much extraordinary. With the shaver, y’all also going to instruct a dainty niggling go pouch.

This pouch is large plenty for the razor trunk as well as the accessory of the head. But at that topographic point is no infinite for the charger.

You receive got to shop the charger somewhere else.

There’s also a cleaning brush for this type of trimmer.

But unfortunately, y’all receive got to purchase this production separately.

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Shaving Performance

Beard trimmer is a real of import tool for men Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer 3000 BT3210/41 Review

My shaving experience alongside it is actually practiced as well as I am satisfied.

I receive got three beard trimmers from three brands as well as I am fairly happy alongside the Norelco 3000.

I similar it most because of its xc minutes of cordless use.

The Norelco 3000 is able to cutting all type of my hairs, my previous trimmers were also practiced but I had to choke twice or fifty-fifty thrice on the going over an area.

When y’all compared a breadstuff trimmer alongside others y’all receive got to notice nigh this three point

  • How are y’all feeling when y’all did shave
  • How it looks
  • And the outcome


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  1. The trimmer is real calorie-free weighty. It becomes easily agree inward my hand. It makes me experience similar a high-quality, expensive trimmer inward my hand
  2. The Philips Norelco beard trimmer 3000 looks real fashionable as well as simple
  3. There are multiple settings inward this trimmer. The 10 pilus length setting is a slap-up characteristic of Norelco. It gives me a polish shave; at that topographic point is no jeopardy of pull/catch on your beard pilus causing abrupt pain.


I desire to tell with confidence that the Norelco 3000 has given me the most smooth, soft as well as perfect shave I receive got e’er obtained from a beard trimmer.

After using this trimmer for the 1st fourth dimension I was hence delightful.

I am actually satisfied alongside its shaving surgery as well as my hats off to Phillips Norelco as well as Norelco makes my piece of work easy.

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Where Can You Buy This?

Philips Norelco is a pop band, y’all know this. If y’all desire to purchase this trimmer, y’all tin purchase from your nearby showroom.

But y’all also tin purchase this from Amazon.

This is the best way to purchase products online.


Consumer Reviews

Some customers are happy alongside this trimmer as well as approximately are not.

Some give the positive review like- the trimmer is super flexible; they got the neat trim, the long battery life.

Ultimately they are satisfied alongside its performance.

Most of the customers who are bothered nigh this product, the exclusively objection is nigh the durability fact.

They said, it started good but non final long.

They also receive got faced a job alongside the ON/OFF switch.

The on/off switch does non piece of work well.

The trimmer did non closed off until the battery ran down.

Some said the Norelco 3000 is a trash.

I actually don’t know what has happened to them.

I volition 1 time to a greater extent than say, I am a novel user until I did non receive got to human face upward whatever sort of problem.

Anyway, the Norelco 3000 achieved 4.1 stars out of five stars from the customer’s review.

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  • It does non build likewise much noise. If y’all volition endeavour or if y’all receive got Phillips other products, y’all tin run across they build approximately racket but this thing is non similar them.
  • The blades are self-sharpening hence don’t take occupation oil
  • The caput attachment of the trimmer has 10 length settings.
  • Each total accuse offers xc minutes of shaving time.
  • Trimmer’s caput detaches for quick cleaning.
  • In-built comb lifts apartment hairs spell trimming.



  • This 1 is non ideal for those looking for a build clean shave.
  • The dial needs regular cleaning because of stubble. This frequently falls into it.
  • The trimmer exclusively trims to a maximum of 10mm.
  • It takes ridiculously long charging time.
  • The go pouch could live batter quality


The Final Word

If anyone who does non occupation a beard trimmer until at 1 time wants to occupation or anyone who is non happy alongside his sometime beard trimmer, they tin endeavour the Phillips Norelco 3000 Series BT3210/41.

Because y’all tin instruct this trimmer inward a reasonable cost range.

There is non a lot of functions inward it but it tin fulfill your demand.

Cleaning is real tardily as well as the blades are self-sharpening.

So I volition recommend y’all to choke on it inward your consideration.

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Some Important Questions

Q: Can y’all occupation it plugged in???

ANS: Yes.

Q: How broad the cutting blades volition cut???

ANS: Almost 3cm.

Q: How much the volt range???

ANS: It tin adopt 100-240 volt. But don’t go past times 240 Volt.

Q: What is the height setting???

ANS: For your extra push, y’all tin choke upward to 11.

Q: Is it practiced for wet facial hair???

ANS: The manufacturers recommend that y’all occupation on dry out pilus for optimal result. You tin occupation it on your moisture pilus but surgery won’t live good.

Q: Do y’all take to oil the blades???

ANS: The blades are self-sharpening. So y’all don’t take to do this.

Q: Is it 100% waterproof???

ANS: No. it is non waterproof but the attachments are washable.

Can y’all occupation it on your head hair???

ANS: No, this is exclusively for your beard as well as stubble use.

Q: How longest this trimmer volition cut???

ANS: 0.5mm-10mm

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Phillips Norelco 3000 VS 5100 VS 7200

 Here I desire to inform y’all nigh the Norelco 5100 as well as 7200 inward a shortcut.

It volition assist y’all to receive got your conclusion which volition live best for you.

The Phillips Norelco Beard trimmer 5100 comes alongside a Dynamic beard guide system.

There are 1 beard comb alongside it as well as two pilus clipping comb (0.4mm-13mm).

There are 17 length settings in this trimmer- from (0.4mm-7mm).

The Norelco 5100 is 100% waterproof. You tin occupation this trimmer cordless or corded.

It volition render y’all alongside lxx min run fourth dimension past times 1-hour charge. The battery is made of Lithium-ion.

Incremental measurement for exact beard length is 0.2mm.

The Phillips Norelco Bread trimmer 7200 comes alongside the vacuum system.

This trimmer is able to capture 90% trimmed pilus inward every pass.

You volition instruct 1 beard comb as well as two precision combs (3mm-5mm).

It is non 100% washable but the attachments are washable similar the Norelco 3000.

Length settings adjustment is the zoom wheel.

This characteristic has also inward the serial 3000 as well as 5100.

There are twenty length settings inward the Norelco 7200- from (0.5mm-10mm)!  It is actually a super characteristic of it.

This trimmer is also for corded/ cordless occupation similar Norelco 5100.

The Norelco 7200 will render y’all 80 min run fourth dimension past times 1-hour charge!

The battery is made alongside Lithium Ion.

The incremental step, for exact stubble as well as beard length, is 0.5mm.