Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 Bg2040/49 Review

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom 7100 is an all inwards ane production to take away all type of hairs from men’s body. If you lot desire a clean-cut appearance as well as you lot receive got peel problems, the Phillips Norelco serial 7100 BG2040/49 may accept a concentration.

This is all-in-one preparation production as well as you lot tin both shave as well as trim back past times this groomer speedily as well as easily. It is capable of trimming as well as shaving everywhere inwards your torso like- breast dorsum side of shoulders (dry or wet).

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What is inwards the Box???

  • Phillips Norelco bodygroom 7100 itself
  • A shop as well as accuse stand
  • A pocket-size cleaning brush
  • The charging adapter
  • User Manual


About Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom  Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040/49 Review

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  • When you lot volition utilisation the tiddler for the showtime time, accuse it for 24 hours earlier use.
  • You tin shave or trim back past times ane product
  • The 3D pivoting caput allows the tiddler to follow closely every contour of your torso amongst shaving comfort.
  • The trimmer volition give you lot high functioning as well as the combs volition preclude your peel from scratching.
  • It is made amongst exclusive pattern as well as gives you lot ultimate torso comfort. The groomer is able to cutting whatever sensitive expanse of your torso like- cervix area, under-arms, legs, groin areas; it tin trim back as well as shaves your chest.
  • You tin utilisation it moisture or dry.
  • For a total charge, it volition accept 1 hr only
  • The blades are self-sharpening which is the best gift of Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100
  • 2 years warranty
  • The manufacturer volition give you lot 45 days money-back guarantee


Made amongst Dual-End Design

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom  Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040/49 Review

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The Phillips Norelco serial 7100 body-groomer 2040/49 comes amongst all-in-all preparation solution.

It features a dual pattern which gives you lot a skin-friendly shave.

The 3D pivoting caput is able to follow real closely to every contour of your body; you lot won’t demand to conk over the same expanse twice.

At the bottom of the shaver, at that spot is a trimmer which volition give you lot a high functioning of trimming.

The blades of the trimmer are rounded as well as the combs are for scratches preventing.

You tin select 5 length settings from the trimmer- 1/8 to 11/25 inch.


Built amongst Shaving Comfort

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom  Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040/49 Review

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The Phillips Norelco made the serial 7100 BG2040/49 amongst ergonomic design.

The side panels of the tiddler receive got been designed amongst soft safe as well as bottom gives a secure, comfortable travelling pocket inwards both moisture as well as dry out situations.

The shaving caput of groomer serial 7100 is made amongst hypoallergenic materials.

And you lot don’t demand maintenance as well as lubrication because the blades are self-sharpening, thank you lot to Philips for the feature.

It is ready to aid you lot anywhere. The Body-groomer serial 7100 volition piece of work similar novel if you lot alter the replacement foil BG2000 every 6-12 months.


Ease of Use

The body-groomer is for cordless utilisation as well as the rechargeable ability arrangement makes the seek out of shaving real easy.

By 1 hr charge, you lot tin utilisation 50minutes (cordless).

There is a LED indicator which volition exhibit you lot the ability condition (full/low/charging).

So you lot tin know ever when your groomer is ready to run.

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Battery Life

There are 2CR Li-ion batteries included amongst it.

The charging fourth dimension is 1 hr as well as the running fourth dimension is fifty minutes.

There is a LED indicator on the groomer. When the battery ability becomes depression the indicator volition post you lot a notification as well as the calorie-free becomes orange.

That way the groomer receive got exclusively 10 infinitesimal operating time.

I am non satisfied amongst the battery life of this groomer because if you lot compare this trimmer amongst Norelco 8894XL, the Norelco 8894XL gives you lot 100 shaving minutes past times 1 hr fully charged but this trimmer is older than Phillips Norelco 2040.

When I trim/shave past times 7100 amongst a total charge, earlier 25 minutes of utilisation it starts losing power.


Shaving Performance

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom  Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040/49 Review

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The body-groom serial 7100 is mixed amongst skilful as well as bad performance.

#I desire to start amongst skilful parts

The groomer feels plenty able for anything you lot throw at it.

You tin utilisation it for shaving, trimming inwards dissimilar lengths.

The shaving caput shape of the groomer is rounded; the blades are self-sharpening which brand nicks as well as pinches therefore impossible.

The foil also industrial plant good maximum fourth dimension but some hairs demand extra passes.

The best characteristic of Phillips Norelco serial 7100 is, it is built amongst a trimmer as well as the trimmer is amongst adjustable comb.

In which expanse you lot don’t desire to shave similar chest, belly you lot tin trim.

The trimmer comb has 5 length settings-3mm-11mm, which making it multipurpose.

You tin also take away the comb from the trimmer fully but I am non agreed to exercise therefore because the manufacturer did non recommend similar that.

Without a comb, you lot volition experience a pinch.

#Some Cautions

My exclusively regard virtually this production is, the pivoting caput is needless amongst the torso groomer because that’s harmful to the functioning as well as comfort.

I volition farther clarify this problem.

When you lot volition utilisation the foil as well as cutters, the shaving caput volition vortex.

If You start dragging which expanse you lot demand to shave, that way the corner relative to the peel volition alter which needs constant readjusting.

If you lot don’t exercise this the cutter volition live or therefore direct to the skin, inwards this province of affairs that volition maybe effort some pulling on the hairs as well as it volition experience similar you lot are dragging the tiddler over the skin.

Then, the caput volition larn curly to skip as well as hop, leaving hairs dorsum as well as argue some discomfort or some hurtful pinching.

All these facts volition brand a pretty exhausting experience, equally you lot ever receive got to pay tending to the province of affairs of the shaving head.

I got habituated it, but I cannot co-operate idea that this could receive got been a non-issue except the pivoting system.

I noticed that it takes likewise much fourth dimension for a shave as well as the culprit is pivoting head.

When I shave my sensitive expanse I receive got to tolerate some hurting like- underarms, groin area.

So you lot receive got to live to a greater extent than careful when you lot volition shave these areas.

All are these error you lot tin easily avoid past times using a fixed shaving head.

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Built Quality of Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Philips Norelco has lots of pilus removal products as well as the Bodygroom  Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100 BG2040/49 Review

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When you lot volition grip the tiddler for the 1st time, you lot tin realize that it has a suitable amount of weight as well as experience the strongly made quality.

Elements also expression as well as realize real well, it is made of silvery plastic.

The safe insert on the sides of the bodygroom, the pattern of the plication experience ergonomic production which makes it slow to maneuver.

There is a trimmer on the bottom as well as the trimmer is amongst an adjustable comb which makes it ane of the best designer shavers inwards my opinion.

I don’t similar the fragile, click-on combs which suspension easily as well as come upwardly off during the shave similar other Norelco trimmers.

I was impressed when is saw the charging stand, it doesn’t experience feeble.

The ii charging plates are elasticity loaded, ensuring junction amongst the ii metallic studs from the tiddler side.

The rubbers experience prissy to grip as well as they give a large travelling pocket when placed on a slippery floor.

In the downsides, the foils as well as cutters gathering is exhaustingly difficult to take away as well as to seat dorsum on.

It needs a flake of strength for getting it out.

You receive got to line that non to disfigure the cutters when pulling it out if you lot travelling pocket it therefore strongly.

Snapping it backward inwards house also calls for serious pressure level equally good equally the pivoting caput made it worse.


Way to Clean as well as Maintain

The manufacturer strongly recommended that after every utilisation you lot should construct clean it.

Since the Body-groom 7100 BG2040 is fully waterproof, therefore it is real slow to construct clean beingness waterproof.

1st apart all the parts as well as grip them nether the tap, you lot tin also utilisation a driblet of liquid lather for a hygienic clean.

You volition larn a cleaning brush amongst this package; this brush is useful when you lot volition construct clean the pilus from the internal section.

The trimming unit of measurement is situated on the bottom of the trimmer, for cleaning the trimmer you lot receive got to split upwardly the comb as well as therefore force the trimmer’s middle constituent to open.

After that, you lot tin take away the pilus from the internal past times using the cleaning brush, after cleaning rinse it.

After rinse permit all the parts fully air dry, as well as therefore adjoin all the groomer’s parts.

For quick dry out doesn’t utilisation stuff type something, for that it tin live easily damaged.

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The Replacement Parts

The manufacturer recommends that after 6-12 months you lot receive got to alter the shaving foil head.

I cry upwardly changing caput depends on using, how ofttimes you lot utilisation it, as well as you lot demand to supercede it sooner than the recommended fourth dimension catamenia or later.

The replacement caput of body-groom 7100 is BG2000 which you lot volition honour at a reasonable toll range.

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Who Should Purchase It???

A Body-groom as well as an electrical tiddler won’t give you lot the same performance, but they expression almost the same.

By a full general shaver, it volition live risky to exercise shave on the belly, the dorsum side of the shoulder as well as groin area.

But the groomer is made for these types of areas.

But the Norelco Body-groom 7100 is a prime number trial of a groomer as well as inwards this toll range, you lot should non await high-class performance.

If you lot desire a high-performance tiddler I cry upwardly you lot should meliorate to run across the rotary premium shavers like Philips Norelco 9000.

But for torso grooming, the Philips Norelco 7100 would live the best option.

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  • Within a shot fourth dimension it becomes fully charged.
  • Good battery life
  • It volition furnish you lot a unopen shave equally possible
  • Cleaning is real easy
  • You tin utilisation both moisture as well as dry
  • It is able to shave or trim back whatever expanse of your body.
  • There is no specific argue that you lot could non utilisation it for your facial hair



  • I experience trivial irritation when I shave my pits downward to the skin- (the same thing occurs when I utilisation a razor)
  • The foil tiddler sometimes describe my pilus out from the root
  • The adjustment of clippers experience baseless
  • There is no taper adjustment amongst it.
  • For curt trim, it is non skilful enough

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Considering the functions of Body-groom 7100, its performance, price, consumer ratings the Phillips Norelco Body-groom 7100 BG2040 seems that it is ane of the best torso groomers inwards the market.

The groomer pattern is actually therefore attractive as well as it volition relieve your fourth dimension as well as money.

The Phillips Norelco volition give you lot a super direct a opportunity that after buying you lot volition larn 45 days risk-free coin dorsum guarantee amongst ii years warranty, therefore after trial, if you lot don’t similar it you lot tin render it.

Some users said that it is able to shave their beard as well as caput hairs.


Bodygroom 1100 VS 3100 VS 7100

Here I volition give some information virtually body-groom 7100, 1100 as well as 3100 which volition aid you lot to choose.

7100 is made amongst vivid pattern as well as gives you lot diverse trimming lengths past times ane attachment comb where the others receive got to add together on.

The 3100 comes amongst iii attachment combs for dissimilar trimming pilus length as well as the Bodygroom 1100 comes amongst exclusively one.

Trimmer lengths are a actually of import buying signal for how much unopen shave you lot want.

The groom 1100 volition give you- 0.5mm (1/32’’) to 3mm (7/64’’)

Groom 3100(0) – 7mm (9/32’’)

 Finally, the groom 7100- from smoothen to 11mm (7/16’’)


Now the side past times side large point, which actually matters to buy- this is the charging time.

The BG 1100 is powered past times 2AA batteries, the 3100 will accept 8 hours for a total accuse as well as provides fifty infinitesimal piece of work fourth dimension as well as the 7100 will give you lot 50min run fourth dimension past times 1-hour charge.


Alternative Products: 

Phillips Norelco Body-groom 5100 BG2038/41

This body-groom comes amongst iii additional combs, it is cheaper as well as features a basic, as well as the shaving caput is fixed as well as gives you lot unproblematic bully work.

You volition larn an extra-long-back attachment with Body-groom 5100. You won’t receive got a occupation to shave your backside.


Phillips Norelco Body-groom 3100 BG2034

The Body-groom 3100 is also a skin-friendly alternative groomer. It is almost similar to the serial 5100.

This groomer also comes amongst an extra-long-back attachment. But the charging fourth dimension is therefore long- 8 hours.

In my opinion, I cry upwardly this groomer would live best for you lot for coin saving as well as the functioning is pleasurable.