Wahl V Star Tiddler – Bump Gratis Wahl 8061-100 Tiddler Review

The American build Wahl is good known for electrical shavers in addition to trimmers. They are the start build that commercially manufactured electrical pilus trimmer. And still, they are producing electrical trimmer in addition to kid amongst amount of reputation. They receive got lots of models inwards electrical kid describe of piece of job in addition to the Wahl v star kid is their professional person creation. Wahl promised to provide professional person facial pilus shaving amongst super comfort yesteryear their Wahl v star shaver. They declared the kid volition deliver the closest in addition to smoothest effect inwards every shave. Is their claim reliable? Let’s know everything almost the Wahl v star kid if it fulfills the manufacturer’s assertion.

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What is inwards the Box???

The American build Wahl is good known for electrical shavers in addition to trimmers Wahl v Star Shaver – Bump Free Wahl 8061-100 Shaver Review

After unboxing the bundle of Wahl v star shaver, yous volition find-

  • The Wahl v star kid in addition to shaper itself
  • Foil guard
  • Charging plug
  • A niggling cleaning brush
  • User manual


Wahl v Star Shaver inwards Brief

  • PROFESSIONAL USEThis Wahl v star shaver/shaper is designed for professional person purpose in addition to this production volition provide the sudden surgery that experts want.
  • STYLISH AND WORKING – This rigid in addition to powerful shaving machine offers an appealing aesthetic inwards add-on to fast shape precision.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – This machine is powered yesteryear rechargeable NI-CAD battery in addition to this battery volition provide lx minutes of running fourth dimension per charge. The motor volition run at amount speed for upwards to discharge the battery.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC GOLD FOIL – The hypoallergenic gilt foil volition forestall your pare from razor burns, redness, pare irritation or ingrown hairs.

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Built Quality

The American build Wahl is good known for electrical shavers in addition to trimmers Wahl v Star Shaver – Bump Free Wahl 8061-100 Shaver Review

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The Wahl professional person v star rechargeable shaver/shaper is a night chocolate-brown color in addition to made amongst plastic.

The manufacturer provided this machine rectangular shape.

This kid is engineered amongst real lightweight only- 8 ounces, in addition to the production dimensions are – three x 6.5 x 10 inches.

The ON/OFF push is situated inwards the middle in addition to it is large in addition to dark color.

The foil is xanthous color in addition to it is situated inwards the overstep of kid head. This kid promises for a super closed shave.

The foil is hypoallergenic which volition cut back discomfort, redness, in addition to irritation.

The foil caput has a slender pattern inwards other direction to shape hair.

So, yous tin purpose it equally a shaper also.

This shaving machine is for beard, cervix in addition to caput hair.


Battery Life

This Wahl v star kid in addition to shaper is powered yesteryear rechargeable NI-CAD (Nickel Cadmium) battery.

This battery volition deliver lx minutes of running fourth dimension per hr of charge.

#NI-CAD battery advantages –

  • This battery tin tolerate deep discharge over a long time.
  • It has to a greater extent than charge/recharge Cycles than the other rechargeable concluding longer battery.
  • It has a superior loose energy density, lighter in addition to thicker than lead-acid batteries.
  • NI-CAD battery is to a greater extent than preferable because of its size in addition to weight.

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NI-CAD battery is highly TOXIC in addition to Nickel, Cadmium is costly metals.

You tin purpose this kid corded or cordless.

To teach the best performance, accuse the kid for 9.5 hours before 1st use.

There is an LED battery indicator that volition provide yous notification almost the battery condition.

In the ‘’off’’ seat of the shaver, the recharging indicator lite volition flash when yous connect the kid amongst an air conditioning ability supply.

It volition accept a infinitesimal for the LED indicator to flash if the battery if discharge.

Don’t accuse the kid over. Charge it equally oft desired.

Periodic recharging of the kid volition prolong the battery life rather than continuous recharging.


Cleaning in addition to Maintenance

The American build Wahl is good known for electrical shavers in addition to trimmers Wahl v Star Shaver – Bump Free Wahl 8061-100 Shaver Review

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Proper cleaning in addition to maintenance volition provide maximum comfort in addition to razor bump-free shaving. It is thence much of import to build clean the foil in addition to cutter bar assembly. Because the debris mightiness comport on on performance.

#The cleaning arrangement of the flex foil head

  • There is a circular push which is situated on the correct side of the shaver. Now, yous receive got to Press the push to take the flex foil caput from the overstep of the shaver.
  • Lift the caput off from the shaver. Cleaning the flex foil caput is thence easy. Just concur the caput nether the running sink in addition to tap it gently.
  • Replace the caput before use.

Always grip the caput amongst care, because the Flex Foil Head is micro-thin amongst precise in addition to raised inner cutting edges.

#The cleaning arrangement of the cutter bar assembly

  • 1st take the Flex Foil caput from the overstep of the shaver, afterwards removing this business office yous tin come across the cutter bar assembly.
  • For removing the loose pilus in addition to debris, yous receive got to gently brush the cutter bar assembly in addition to the surrounding expanse through the pre-shave brush.
  • To take the cutter bar assembly, yous receive got to press downwardly on it lightly in addition to plow the assembly ninety degrees.
  • Now run this business office nether hot lukewarm water.
  • To dry out the cutter bar assembly, purpose a paper, towel or tissue.
  • After fully dry, supercede them inwards their place.

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Replacement Part

You receive got to replace the foil which is situated inwards the kid caput afterwards a while, but the foil to a greater extent than oft than non outlasts the manufacturer’s warranty.

After replacing the foil, the Wahl v star kid in addition to shaper volition provide yous the same surgery similar before.

Fortunately, the replacement part is non thence costly in addition to it is affordable to keep for casual users in addition to professionals.



This Wahl professional person v star kid in addition to shaper comes amongst 1-year warranty/Guarantee.

If this machine fails to operate satisfactorily inside 1 yr from the engagement of purchase, Wahl volition repair or supercede your production without whatever charge.

NOTE – this warranty may non apply inwards all cases. It volition depend on some factors similar – where the production was purchased or who yous purchased the production from, purpose of the product. So, purchase the production from straight retailer of Wahl on Amazon.



Wahl Brand continuously offers wonderful products but I had to provide this shaver/shaper a run for coin to uncovering out, why it is worth for the terms –

  • This kid is surprisingly lightweight (only 8 ounces). For that, it tin easily maneuver or thence the ears in addition to necklines.
  • You tin purpose this kid cordless or corded.
  • It comes amongst rechargeable battery.
  • The hypoallergenic foil coating will aid to cut back the pare irritation piece cutting.
  • The ergonomic pattern of this kid provide yous highly shave, whether the user trying to achieve precision.

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I mean value yous volition receive got too somewhat picky almost this shaver/shaper similar me.

Here I volition utter almost those things in addition to Wahl should locomote on before submitting a novel 5- star shaver.

  • This production is to a greater extent than expensive if yous compare it amongst similar capabilities.
  • The battery is although impressive but withal it needs some improvements (particularly for the professional person users who purpose all day).
  • The ability cord is non thence long, thence it volition live improve if yous purpose it cordless.
  • It is thence noisy.

This professional person Wahl v star kid in addition to shaper is from the before decade.

And that time, shaving was less of an fine art form.

Whatever it should non live correct to approximate a mass yesteryear its cover.

Vintage aesthetic is i of the high-tech technology inwards the marketplace seat in addition to the Wahl v star kid is engineered amongst this element.



To minimize the opportunity of electrical shock

  • Don’t purpose this machine nether the shower.
  • Unplug the machine straightaway from the electrical outlet afterwards fully charged the battery.
  • If the machine has fallen into water, unplug it immediately, in addition to thence plow over for the machine.
  • Never house the machine where it tin autumn into tab or sink.

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  • Keep this machine in addition to all its items inwards the heated surface.
  • Keep the machine ever dry.
  • For charging the battery, purpose the charger which comes amongst this package.
  • When yous volition accuse the machine, ever 1st attach the ability plug into the machine, in addition to thence to the wall outlet.
  • Don’t operate the machine if the foil has been broken or damaged. It tin live the causes of pare problems.
  • Never accuse the machine amongst damaged ability supply.


Quick Tips

  • 1/32’’the foil is engineered for closed in addition to super cutting which cuts pilus 1/32’’ or shorter.
  • Light touching – never press hard the Wahl v star kid against the skin. It needs to glide over the skin. Hard pressing tin live the movement of pare problems or damage to the foil.
  • Protect – yous receive got to supercede the foil guard to protect the dual foil caput when the shaver/shaper is non inwards use.
  • Charge – when yous volition accuse the kid from the fast time, accuse it 9.5 hours.
  • Face shaving – if yous receive got come upwards from some other kid Brand or using a foil kid for the start time, it volition accept 2/3 weeks or less adjustment period.

The manufacturer suggested that yous buy the farm along your pare completely dry out before shaving.

But if your beard is real long, 1st trim your beard. Then purpose the kid to teach a closed in addition to build clean shave.

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If yous compare the Wahl v star kid amongst other similar product, this machine volition provide yous a superior shave/shape afterwards every use.

The effect volition live faster in addition to to a greater extent than proper equally good than the comparable other products inwards the market.

But if yous wishing to a greater extent than features in addition to to a greater extent than precise shave, yous should endeavor the latest premium shavers from the unlike brands similar the Braun Series 9, Panasonic Arc 5 etc.

I experience a minimal irritation when I cut/shape my beard, especially when I shave inwards my hard areas.

So, I tin personally recommend this kid piece yous are looking for a budget-friendly in addition to comfortable shaver.

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